Saturday, May 6, 2017

It's National Scrapbook Day - Grab Those Photos!

So let's scrapbook! Grab your pictures, pattern paper, scissors, favorite embellishments and your ScraPerfect tools -  the Best Glue Ever, the Best Cleaner Ever, Embellie Gellie and the Perfect Crafting Pouch.

For National Scrapbook Day I put together a two-page layout that combines the best of traditional scrapbooking and project life/pocket page scrapbooking.  I have tons of photos -- literally -- of the family of foxes that made a home in our yard this year.  There's six babies and if you catch them in the morning you can watch them run and play in the backyard.  I decided to put together a two-page layout that showcases my favorite photo while allowing me to include multiple photos.

I also wanted to include multiple ways you can use our products.  On this first page I layered many different types of paper and embellishments. The tiny wood embellishments and vellum being two surfaces that are typically hard to adhere; however, the Best Glue Ever lets you squeeze out tiny drops and the glue dries virtually invisible on vellum.  The Perfect Crafting Pouch lets me deactivate stickers and Embellie Gellie makes it easy to place tiny embellishments on the page.

It was a dark and stormy day when I created this layout, so it wasn't conducive to taking photos.  I did want to show you how easy it is to use the Best Glue Ever on vellum, so with a scrap piece of paper....  After placing two globs of glue on the back of the vellum, I used my finger to smooth it out over the entire piece leaving a thin layer.  It dries immediately tacky, so I have time to clean the excess glue off my fingers with the Best Cleaner Ever.

 Because I used a six-pocket page protector for the second page I can treat it like a separate layout and not be too concerned about duplicating the elements between both pages.  I included papers from the same kit so the colors match, as well as stickers from the same set.

By repeating some of the same paper and elements from the first page in this pocket, I've tied this page to the first.  And here's more vellum.  Since I wanted the flower layers to be a little more 3-D, I only used the Best Glue Ever on the center of each layer.

Now it's your turn.  Show me what you've made for the day!


Michelle Wells said...

Beautiful layouts

Michelle Wells said...

Beautiful layouts

Mom2Two said...

Love the use of the dictionary page for this very unique layout subject! I keep several Goodwill reference books to cut up for cards and payouts. Cheap and so individually unique. And thanks for the tutorial on using the Best Glue Ever to invisibly adhere vellum--such a cool thing to remember!

Tracy F. said...

Beautiful pages! I love the dictionary page also!

Kim Lippincott said...