Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Innovative Ways To Use ScraPerfect Best Cleaner Ever

Hello everyone, Michelle Wells here with you today, to share a couple of the innovative ways that I have found to use ScraPerfect Best Cleaner Ever (and it is just not for crafting mishaps). I just first want to say that I am so excited to be here with you today, and being able to share with all of you, the amazing line of ScraPerfect products.

The first project I am sharing, is a vintage jar that our neighbor had found along with various sizes and colors of other bottles, buried beneath his burn pile, and he knew that I love using vintage and found items, to create and turn into treasure.  I wanted to use the jar, as a pretty way to store some of my paper flowers.
After soaking for a few days using dish soap and water, the jar still had a slightly white residue of sorts, that soap and water just didn't remove.

I grabbed my bottle of the Best Cleaner Ever, sprayed the jar inside and out, let it sit for about 10 minutes and VOILA, it removed the residue.

I then used some beautiful lacey trim, and a resin flower to the top of the jar (both gifts from a treasured friend), using ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever.
*Additional products used, lace trim & resin rose

And I even smudged a bit of the glue on the side of the jar....
NO PROBLEM, the Best Cleaner Ever, cleaned it up in no time.

I am now using the spotless & decorated jar to store my white paper flowers.

And now for a BONUS project. My nieces chiffon layered dress.
My niece had somehow or other, gotten a smudge of engine grease from their car on the chiffon dress, she had worn to the daughter/father dance at her school just last weekend. This smudge was black, and had penetrated through the chiffon, to the cotton under layer. At first look, all thought the dress was just ruined.

Then, I recalled reading Charity's post here on the blog, about how she had used the Best Cleaner Ever, to remove lipstick stain from a linen napkin. I decided to follow her lead, and use the cleaner on the dress.

So, I sprayed a little of the Best Cleaner Ever directly on the spot, worked it into both layers, let it sit no more than 5 minutes. I then used a damp paper towel and blotted the area where the spot once was. 

That ugly greasy stain, was completely gone. I proceeded to wash the dress, and let it hang dry. As you can see in the photo below, there is no stain whatsoever, and my bonus as an aunt? Well, I am now the "Best" aunt ever according to my niece, lol.

 As you can see in the photos, the Best Cleaner Ever is great for so much more than cleaning crafty mishaps. It can be used in various ways all around the house. It cleans some of the toughest stains around. And is still gentle enough that it can be used on even the most delicate of materials too.
For more ideas, and crafty inspiration, check out all the posts by the ScraPerfect Design Team, here on the blog.
And for the Best Cleaner Ever & Best Glue Ever, and many other great products, visit the ScraPerfect online store, just follow the link right here.

Thanks so much for visiting. Until next time....Crafty Blessings to you!



Penny said...

Wow, I love how it cleaned the jar, and how cute you decorated it, but the dress came out beautifully!

Kim Lippincott said...

Awesome way to showcase the BCE and beautiful jar!

Michelle Wells said...

Thank you Penny <3

Michelle Wells said...

Thank you Kim <3.

Tracy F. said...

Beautiful jar and love how well the cleaner worked on the dress!