Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How to make BRILLIANT Die Storage System (using Cheery Lynn dies) (Video)

Hi All,
Amy here, and what can I say? When you hit on an idea that's truly amazing, you want to share it, right? Well, this is one of those things! Watch the video (at end of post) to see the very cool, inexpensive, space-saving, and adaptable system I've developed for organizing your dies. All you need is some CD- Cases, ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever, and a sheet of overhead transparency.


Die cutting takes punching paper to the next level, and it's fun for fabric, too! There are many different systems, and the first choice is electronic or manual/hand crank;  I use both for different reasons, depending upon the material, applications, available dies, accessibility. and cost. Today, I'm talking about hand crank machines and their dies, and even within this category there are so many brands and models, each with their own advantages (and disadvantages).

One good thing is that most all dies are interchangeable with the different machines unique and that is good news for us crafters! Die cutting opens a world of fun, but it is essential to keep things organized so you aren't spending more time looking for what you need, missing an opportunity to use something you're forgotten about, or even worse: re-buying what you already have.

In the video, I'm using Cheery Lynn dies (which I love and wish I had more) but please realize that this system will work with most brands of dies as long as they fit into the case. Need a bigger case? Use the rectangular DVD Netflix type boxes, or even the old VCR tape case!


Tracy F. said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Wells said...

I am inspired. Have many empty cd cases, no dies, but may work for cling stamps :)

ScraPerfect said...

Yes, this "system" does work for cling. Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/cards?v=Nw2eb1Owjw8#

Kim Lippincott said...

Awesome idea!

LisaM said...

Great idea!