Friday, May 26, 2017

How to make a beautiful and simple journal with a free gift!

Happy Thursday everyone! Ginny M here, I've been working on building my pantry, cooking and fermenting lately.  I've had to read lots of cookbooks, books on nutrition and instruction manuals for new appliances.  Now you may be wondering what that has to do with paper crafting? Well, leading a balanced life is very important and good nutrition is a foundation of life, plus I love cooking, it is another craft to me.
I decided to put together a little notebook using The Best Glue Ever to hold all my notes:

                               I'm a big note taker and I use paper I have precut for stamping

I punched holes in all my paper and then used a 100# card base for the cover

I pulled  some pretty paper from my stash

Punched new papers

Next, doing the pretty part:
I attached my cover handmade paper cover onto metal chipboard, the Best Glue ever holds all types of textures beautifully, I no longer need my Score Tap, ATG  or any other glue.

Best Glue Ever even holds buttons!

My buttons took about 10 minutes to dry firmly, while I waited for them to setup set Up I went ahead and bound the journal. 

Here is the little gift I have for your paper crafting:
If you would like to see what I put on my label, check my blog on June 7th!

Thanks for spending some time here, I hope you find this helpful!
Ginny M, Scraperfect Design Team member