Thursday, May 11, 2017

From Craftroom to Kitchen: fast easy cleaning tips and a digital freebie!

Hi, Ginny here with a few really great cleaning tricks!  By now most of us that do spring cleaning are into it full bore or done.  I'm somewhere in between - We're in the process of remodeling our home -after arriving from a cross country move.   I can deal with the big things, living out of boxes for 4 months and only now unpacking because some of the remodel is done.  One thing that really bugs me:  all the stickers they have plastered on my new appliances! Actually, most labels annoy me!
The ones that they put on the appliances seem to be the worst at getting off!  I grabbed my little bottle of Best Cleaner Ever and went to work.
 We spent $275 on a nice water cooler and I couldn't get the stickers off!
I tried Goo Gone and Un-do, all I could do was peel a bit of the edges back.

I gave the sticker one shot of Best Cleaner Ever

let it sit a few hours, and it peeled off in one piece and I just wiped away the remaining solvent.  It left my faux stainless (plastic) perfect!

The next thing and I know this sounds a little compulsive - but my kitchen will have open shelving and the hubby said:  "Don't buy any more containers, but do something with the spices so they look nice".  I'm good with the not buying more containers, that stuff adds up!
So I thought why not try the Best Cleaner Ever on those labels!

I spritzed the label 

waited a half hour and it peeled right off!

Spice jars run around $3.00 each I have over 50 of these bottles! This little bottle will save you $$ by its powerful performance!
  Nice and clean, any residue wiped right off!

Before I took any of the pictures above I need to take care of my camera lens - it was dirty, finger prints, water droplets - who know, it was gross!  So I thought I have one of Scraperfects Perfect Cleaning Cloth that I usually use on my computer screen and Misti,  I thinkI will try it on my camera lens!'

close up of the lovely plush towel, it cleaned up the lens beautifully!

Next onto my phone with the cleaning cloth.  My phone is so gross I hoped I'd never have to let someone use it - WAS embarrassing.  Not anymore!  my phone face looks like new!

The back is even better!  This poor phone left the roof of my car while I was going down the highway 55 MPH and slid into a grassy gutter.

I wanted to share my success with you, these little things are such pains in the neck and these two products from Scraperfect help me get the job done in just a few minutes, they can help you too!  More time for FUN things!!
To say thank you for reading this whole post I have a fun freebie for you!
Ginny M


LisaM said...

Great cleaning tips!

Tracy F. said...

Awesome tips! It's just amazing how much you can do with the Best Cleaner Ever. I use it all the time around the house!

Michelle Wells said...

I find myself more amazed as I am seeing all the benefits of ScraPerfect's products. Great post :D

ScraPerfect said...

Love these ideas! And the fact that the Best Cleaner Ever is people-safe and Earth friendly is important to me. Some people say they use Goo-Gone to remove stickers, but they should know the product contains petroleum distillates and has health warnings to heed. When something smells strongly chemically, there's a good chance it's toxic. I am concerned that cancers are a result of small amounts of toxic exposure over time.

Kim Lippincott said...

Great ideas!

Penny said...

Great cleaning tips, and freebie