Friday, April 21, 2017

New Design Team member and putting the Best Glue Ever through it's paces!

Hi, My name is Ginny Maxam, I'm one of the new kids on the team,  some of you may know me from Maxam Made Studio.  I have been making cards and doing word art since I was a teenager.

Way back then (1970's)  there were very few cool stamps and all we had for glue was Elmers or that awful honey colored stuff in the clear bottle - oh yes and rubber cement. Fast forward to the present and the sky is the limit in art and materials.  However, abundance isn't always a good thing - if you are a card maker or a scrapper you may have run into the same problem I did: finding a glue that really works for more than one type of application.  Now, I'm not trying to sound like a commercial I really was searching for a glue that would work on multiple surfaces.  I had a whole drawer full of glue, tapes and sticks, and needed it for all the different thing I used.  The mainstay was my expensive ATG Gun.  Now to shorten this up, when I applied for the Design Team position I thought I really better purchase some of the ScraPerfect product line.  I want to make sure this is exactly what I want and that it will help my readers in their crafty adventures.  Within a few day,  the glue arrived and I began to put it through it's paces. In every instance, it worked without a hitch.

With this one 2oz bottle I have made over 165 cards, and I have 1/4 left!  I make cards for personal correspondence, ministry work and I make them to sell, so I make a LOT of cards!  On the average, I used one ATG tape roll for every 20 cards so for 165 ($2.40 a roll) cards that would have worked out to about $19.80 in ATG tape compare to the 3/4 of the bottle of Best Glue ever which  works out to cost $7.50 (7.50 for the glue + 2.50 shipping =$10.00-3/4 = 7.50)  I did not need to use score tape or my hot glue gun.  I can with all honesty say this is the Best Glue (Ever) that I have used in 41 years of serious paper crafting (1976-2017).

So I eliminated

In exchange for this

I have used this on every surface in my card making repertoire

Glitter paper
Foiled Paper 
Metallic Paper
Embossed Papers
Fabric and Metallic Trims
Tissue Papers
Chip Board
Paper 3D Embellishments

This won't replace my foam dimensional tape - I don't need it too!

Here is a card I've made to demonstrate how versatile this glue is:
Metallics, glitters, embellishments, heavy papers, thin papers.
the card has no wrinkling, warping or buckling. 

I am looking forward to working on the Scraperfect Design team, I know I will have lots of exciting tips and tricks to share with you now that I am converted to this wonderful line!  It makes crafting so much more fun when the tools that you have spent your hard earn money live up to their description!

Oh, and that glue gun? 


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Ginny Maxam


LisaM said...

I am loving the glue too! I love that it works on all kinds of surfaces.

Penny said...

I totally agree with you this is the Best Glue I have ever used. Your card is beautiful!

Michelle Wells said...

I agree also, it is the Best I have used. You are a card making phenom! Such a lovely card with this post :)

Tracy F. said...

I also love this glue! It really is the best. And your card is so very pretty!

ScraPerfect said...

Wow! That is an awesome story! BTW, Penny discovered a Best Glue Ever>FOAM TAPE TIP that I use all the time now!

Just snip pieces of corrugated cardboard to whatever size you want and glue it to your popup and to the card. IT it FAST, FREE, and you can cut it to size so the only one piece is necessary to support whatever item you are popping.

Debby Lewis said...

Beautiful card. ScraPerfect is cutting edge with the industry and crafters needs.