Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How to Make an Adorable Summer Otter Birthday Card.

Good morning Penny here again today with Lawn Fawn to show you how to make an adorable summer otter birthday card.

So to start with I started with some quality products.
Lawn Fawn Year Five Stamp

Lawn Fawn Year Five Die Cut

Lawn Fawn Perfectly Plaid 6 x 6 Paper pack

Lawn Fawn Sky cording.
Pictured here tied in a bow, on top of some punched out banners that I added some glitter glue to.

This is my all time favorite glue, it will glue wood, metal, plastic, fabric, and even glass. When you add the writing cap to it, it's even better because the cap let's you use the smallest amounts of glue, and let's you place it EXACTLY where you want it. This makes the glue last forever, and with less mess to clean up afterwards. 

 ScraPerfect's Tiny Bottled Embellishments
You will find these in the "Hot Buys" section of the store, and I had never worked with them till this project. I will be using these again! They were a blast to work with, and I can already see other uses for the tiny bottles they come in!

You can see where I used them here on this card.  I simply placed dots of the Best Glue Ever where I wanted the embellishments to stick, and dumped them on the card. Then I dusted off the excess, and placed them back in the bottle, If I didn't get enough on the card the first time I just repeated the process. 

After stamping, cutting, and coloring my otter, I wanted to place him in a hammock. So I cut apart a piece of onion sack, and made a hammock for him. I used two flower brads to hold it in place, and then added more embellishments, and placed it on a tag, then onto the pattern paper. 

To finish off my card I used some ocean waves washi tape that I also added some glitter glue to. 

Again here is my finished card.

If you liked this card you might also like how I made this card, and tag set.
Card and Tag

She is only 12, and made this card totally by herself since all of these products are so easy to use! Well till next time Happy Scrapping! Love Penny


LisaM said...

Super cute card!

Ginny Maxam said...

Sweet card Penny, critter cuteness!
Have a great day!

ScraPerfect said...

Cool! And I love the hammock. Start the kids early and , just like with electronics, pretty soon they'll be teaching us:)

Glitter glue is great for kids b/c of their ability to get glitter everywhere; but I recommend Best Glue Ever and loose glitter for adults--it is available in a multitude of colors, inexpensive to keep on hand, never dries up, and BGE dries in a matter of seconds to minutes depending upon the thickness of the glue. And for the stray glitter, don't forget the Perfect Cleaning cloth which attracts the loose particles like a magnet!

The regular cap's writing tip is great, but for superfine application, use the NO-Clog cap. Many glitter-glues take hours to dry and invariably, it ends up being smudged. The Best Glue Ever-Powder glitter combination is a winner! Check out our "Stickles Throwdown" video: https://youtu.be/JD04MHem1Kk