Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cleaning bone folders

Robyn Coburn here with some particularly grungy bone folders. This pair of bone folders managed to get sticky and dirty over time, even while sitting in a box. One is an older style - thicker and evidently porous bone, while the other is a newer slimmer style, and more smooth.

Really grubby and very sticky
I spritzed Best Cleaner Ever on both sides, until they had a light sheen. I waited about five minutes, then wiped them with my Perfect Cleaning Cloth. The older one still has some discoloration, but both bone folders are perfectly clean and slick on the surfaces. Now I can use them without fearing that I will leave sticky bits and residues on my papers.

What a difference! Ready to go.


Penny said...

Wow! What a difference Robyn! Great tip!

ScraPerfect said...


Tracy F. said...

Love cleaning tools with this!

LisaM said...

This is a great cleaner!

Michelle Wells said...

Oh my gosh, never thought about doing this. Great idea!