Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Little About Me: Getting to Know New Design Team Member Kathy Klersy

   Hello! New team member Kathy Klersy here...checking in from rural, small town, south central Pennsylvania where I've lived pretty much all my life & have been married for over 25 years now to my high school sweetheart. I am the momma of two terrific young adults who no longer live at home, but we do share our lives with many fur babies of all shapes and sizes (15 at current count)...the smallest being a Roborovski Dwarf hamster and the largest being a 12 year old Chocolate lab. (since I participate in small animal/pocket pet rescue, more than half of the 15 fur babies currently reside in my "rodent room", lol) 

   I am primarily a rubber stamper and card maker...I've enjoyed paper crafting for over 20 years now and it just never gets old! I am in my happy place when I sit down at my stamping desk to create. I can't wait to get started crafting and sharing with you all here at ScraPerfect! You can also find me on my blog at http://create365coach.blogspot.com/ 


  1. Replies
    1. thank you very much -I am very excited to be here! :)

  2. Welcome!!! We are so glad you are on our team!

    So, do you foster any Sugar Bears? They have me intrigued:)

    1. Sugar Gliders? I think they are still illegal without a special permit here in PA, so they don't come up in rescues very often. But I've had have syrian hamsters, campbells dwarf hamsters,djungarian dwarf hamsters, roborovski dwarf hamsters, gerbils and mice. :)

  3. Hi Kathy happy to be working with you on the team!

  4. thanks so much ladies for the warm welcome -so glad to be a part of this awesome team!!!


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