Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Never Mind the Mess with the Best Cleaner Ever and the Perfect Cleaning Cloth

Welcome to our crafty world!  Shelly with you today - - forgoing my planned crafty project to show you what got me really excited tonight.

While my spray bottle of Best Cleaner Ever and Perfect Cleaning Cloth have a permanent place in my craft room.... I keep another bottle of cleaner in the kitchen, close at hand....

My husband came home from a windy day at work, sunglasses completely covered in paint over spray - he was going to toss them in the trash.

I grabbed them from him, sprayed liberally with Best Cleaner Ever and let set for a few minutes. Then with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth, easily and gently removed every speck of paint.  Nothing harsh to scratch them up - - they look like new!

Saved the sunglasses and a little money.

The Best Cleaner Ever is great for so many different messes - reach for it first!

Thanks for stopping by today - - have a crafty week.



  1. This cleaner, and cloth are fantastic!

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  3. And the best is that not only do they work, but the cleaner is a people-safe, Earth-Friendly safe solvent. BUT watch your bottles as they may make their way out to the garage, his car, his workshop, (and the laundry room if he's the kind to remove paint, ink, or adhesive form his clothes). And when the daughter goes off to college, a bottle will most likely end up with her stuff. I speak from experience:)

  4. I love this cleaner and have found many uses for it.


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