Monday, February 6, 2017

Perfect Cleaning Cloth

Deborah here.  Today I want to talk about the Perfect Cleaning Cloth, one of the most versatile products out there that doesn't get as much love on the blog, but it just as awesome.  This microfiber cloth can do everything -- clean glasses, photographs, and smudges; pick up loose glitter and embossing powder, clean stamps and more! Just like the video says, it attracts like a magnet, but picks up like a sponge!  I use it all over my house.

I have one Perfect Cleaning Cloth for my family's glasses.  The Perfect Cleaning Cloth is the best cleaner for glasses, hands-down.  We use it not only for glasses,  but to wipe fingerprints off all our electronic devices and screens as well.  And when it gets dirty, I just toss it in with the laundry.

And the microfiber really grabs loose particles.  I have a second cloth just for my crafting area.  I use it to pick up loose embossing powder, glitter, and more from my work surface.  It's also great for removing excess powder from the Perfect Crafting Pouch when you're stamping -- especially important if you're stamping on vellum or dark paper where the excess powder is more visible.

I have a third cloth just for cleaning -- mostly stamps, that is.  I use this cloth with the Best Cleaner Ever for removing ink, sticky adhesive residue and more.  I'm a bit lazy about washing this cloth....

Want more? Here's a great video from Blitsy that show the Perfect Cleaning Cloth in action:


  1. ONE MORE: The Perfect Cleaning Cloth removes MASCARA--even waterproof mascara!

    I use a bit of non-soap cleanser (which doesn't work without the cloth, btw) on a fresh, clean , cloth. Gentle dabbing is recommended to protect the delicate eye area (although truth be told, a very lightly wipe b/c I don't have the patience to dab and never notice any irritation anyway!)

    1. Deborah, do you need a fourth cloth for mascara????

  2. Great tips! I love how this cloth cleans up glitter from my scrap desk.


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