Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to Remove Valentines Lipstick with the Best Cleaner Ever

The season of love means one thing, learning how to remove lipstick with the best cleaner ever. Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos. Do you love those glorious liquid-to-matte lipsticks in the intense colors but despise their ability to stain your favorite white blouse?  
The Best Cleaner Ever is here to save the day!
 When this absolutely amazing shade of metallic purple lipstick left its mark on my white napkin,
 I knew it was time to put ScraPerfect's earth-friendly solvent to work.
The purple lipstick had already sat on this white napkin for a full
 24 hours before I got around to attacking it with the
 Best Cleaner Ever.
 I spritzed just the center stain, left it for 15 minutes, then rinsed it out.. There was so much improvement that I spritzed all three stains and left it for the rest of the day.
I rinsed out the solvent that night, gave it a quick scrub with dish soap, and threw the napkin in the wash the next morning. It came out of the dryer with out a smidgen of purple lipstick left to behold!
It is important to note that the Best Cleaner Ever removed liquid-to-matte lipstick on an unwashed napkin. I tried it on a washed and dried napkin It reduced the stain but did not remove it completely.

Scrap On!



Colleen said...

Nice to know but lipstick or gloss or anything along those lines is something I never wear.

Tracy F. said...

Wow! That cleaner is amazing! Love it!

ScraPerfect said...


HOW TO for Washed & Dried lipstick? My daughter washed and dried lipstick in her pants pocket and it spread to the rest of her clothes. She discovered how to remove the residue using Best Cleaner Ever...but with a twist! I'll update when the video is finished and uploaded!

Kim Lippincott said...

Wow, my daughter will love this!