Friday, January 6, 2017

Why the Best Glue Ever is Really the Best

Deborah here.  I've been busy working on my December Daily book for 2016 and I wanted to show you how I solved a few potential problems using the Best Glue Ever.  And you get a bonus CHA sneak peek, since this book will be on display in the Sizzix booth in just over a week along with Eileen Hull.

Ever heard the phrase "a mistake is just an opportunity for an embellishment?"

Take a look at the bottom of my photo.  I initially tried out some plastic alpha stickers, then quickly decided I didn't like them. However, my printer had just run out of ink and I thought I could try and salvage the photo by adding something to the bottom to cover up the sticky residue.

One of the best things about the Best Glue Ever is that you can use it on any surface.  I've used it to adhere most of the items in this book, but on this page in particular, I wanted to add this rubbery phrase.

This looks like a lot of glue, but wait. After I made all these wavy lines I used my finger to smooth the glue and make sure there was a thin coat over the entire surface before placing it on my page.  I will usually do this if I'm adding an embellishment in a minibook that's likely to get handled more.  If I'm putting it on a layout that will be placed in a page protector, I'll usually use just a few small dots on each corner and in the center.

And now my mistake is completely covered!

Adhering specialty papers comes with it's own set of pitfalls - if you're not using the Best Glue Ever. Tape runners of all sorts are popular.  But what happens when you try and use them on specialty paper? 

I have a collection of "fine paper" from the Paper Source and decided to make pages from one of the sheets.  This is probably some kind of lokta paper.  You can see on the scrap below when I ran the tape runner over the paper the tape runner just tore it.  

What I wanted to adhere on my page was a tissue paper crown from a Christmas cracker.  If the lokta paper wasn't problematic enough, a tape runner surely can't handle tissue without tearing! 

The Best Glue Ever, however, is more than up to the task.  All I needed was a couple of thin lines to hold the tissue paper, plus a few smaller dots to help hold all the folds of the paper crown.  Since the Best Glue Ever dries clear and you only need a tiny amount, I didn't have to worry about adhesive showing through my paper.  The stitching I added later as an embellishment to break up all the red.


Penny said...

Great tips, and I'm right there with you covering up mistakes! Great project, Penny

Tracy F. said...

Wonderful tips and it looks like a beautiful book!

LisaM said...

Your book looks wonderful and loved the tips you shared!