Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Birthday Card with FOIL Altered Stickers

Amy here with an easy way to alter stickers while adding some fun bling. This is a simple idea to  do for supplies that you might not use as is!

Personalized birthday cards make the receiver feel extra special knowing you made it just for him or her--and this one is so easy to make and adapt!

I have oodles of stickers in all sorts of shapes I rarely use and can see new life for them with this idea! Supplies at hand were used to create the personalized "3--D Ribbon Banner", including the Best Glue Ever and Designer Transfer Foils (from ScraPerfect), plus cardstock and recycled corrugated cardboard. (If you've never worked with foils, watch the video to see just how easy it is!)

The banner is perfect for cards and layouts, and using different paper or embellishments that you have at hand will produce a different look, but will be every bit as special!

Please comment with a photo of YOUR adaptation of this card and/or with other ideas do you have for using the oodles of stickers you don't use anymore!


Penny said...

This would be a great trick for those stickers that are the same style, but are not the same color. Foil them so you can spell the word that you couldn't with just the one pack.

Tracy F. said...

Great idea to breathe new life into old stickers or mismatched letter stickers!