Sunday, October 22, 2017

PROOF the Best Glue Ever is AWESOMELY strong!

Lyne here to share a SUPER cool idea for storing embellishments and scraps from paper pads, kits, etc PLUS proof that ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever™ is truly the best!

These bitty pads are perfect for small details, cards, etc but I usually have leftover pieces that would be perfect for another time. I've developed a super simple but brilliant system to keep scraps and coordinated embellishments together....

See? It's a pocket....

But it's essential it stay stuck to the pad, of course! I used HOT GLUE at first, but ....

Now I reach for ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever! Without fail, it glues everything, lasts forever because you only need a little bit, BUT who would have thought that it was stronger than HOT GLUE?!?

Watch this:

Foiling For Fall With ScraPerfect

Hi there!  Kim here today to share a Fall home decor project.  Fall is my favorite season, but doesn't really exist in Florida so I decorate like it does!  I found this grapevine wreath with chicken wire at my local craft store for only $2!  Now I just have to wait for Halloween to be over so I can hang it up.
ScraPerfect made this project quick and easy!  Hope you like my Fall creation:

I started out by wrapping a white pip berry garland around the wreath. Using my Silhouette Curio, I cut out the leaves and words out of colored card stock. I repainted the pumpkin because it was gold when it was given to me.  After the paint dried, I added some Tim Holz distress glitter in rust and swiped the pumpkin lines with white ink. I handmade a bow with a gauzy ribbon and adhered that to the wreath.  Then I attached the leaves, then the pumpkin, and finally more pip berry garland.
As you can see, the pumpkin is embellished by mulberry roses in cream, orange, and brown. The orange roses have also been given a coat of glitter.  Here's a closer look:

For the  greeting, I foiled the card stock letters in orange and then attached them to pieces of the gauze ribbon  to make it easier to adhere them to the wreath. I added some of the glittered roses around the letters for embellishment there also.  Here is a closer look at that:

I have to say that the star of this project is the Best Glue Ever!  I did have to use large glue dots to adhere the pumpkin because of it's weight, but it is stuck on there very well.  I used varying sizes of glue dots on everything, depending on size and weight.  I allow my glue dots to dry a few minutes until clear to place item.  Here is a full list of the ScraPerfect products I used for this wreath:

No Clog Writing Cap ( for the top of the BGE bottle for precision)
Best Cleaner Ever (for clean hands)

And here is a last, closer look at my Fall decor wreath, thanks so much for stopping by!  Please check back and go to ScraPerfect for all the must have products you need on your desk.

Until Next Time,

Kim Lippincott

How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way

Hello friends, Linda here to share How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way. Using the Best Glue Ever I show how to add a punched bird shape to a journal card.

How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way

While making a Song Bird Junk Journal I needed a few journal cards. I found a sheet of paper that I had stamped a long time ago and didn't use. After cutting the paper down into journal cards I decided that I needed to add some pretty embellishments.

Here is a video for How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way.

Using a corner rounder I took off those sharp corners. It makes the cards look finished or even store bought by rounding those sharp corners.

Distressed Ink - Spiced Marigold was applied to the edges of the cards using a blending tool. Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists was sprayed over the cards to give a little shimmer.

The next step  was to sew a layered piece of lace with a strip of fabric to one edge of each card. My machine was set to a Zig Zag stitch. I love how sewing on paper gives another added texture to see and feel.

How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way

A Martha Stewart bird punch was used on peach paper. Then using Spiced Marigold Distress ink and a blending tool I added a pretty edge to the punched shapes.

The Best Glue Ever was then applied to the back of the punched bird shapes. These I placed on top of the layered lace and fabric that was sewn on each card. One of the cards I sewed down the side instead of the top to have a different look.

How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way

Last I added a little self adhesive rhinestone on the bird to represent an eye.

How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way

Use up those scraps of paper in your stash to make beautiful journal cards. My hope is that you enjoyed this post on How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way.

How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way

This is one of the journal pages where I added a journal card made in this blog post.
How to add punched shapes the fast and easy way

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to Use No Clog Writing Caps with Stickles in an Art Journal

Hi everyone Erin Reed here today.  I had a challenge to create a project with the theme of Stranger Things, the show on Netflix.  The idea that stuck a chord with me was the mother writing the alphabet on the wall and then using Christmas lights to communicate with her son.  FYI if you have not seen the show, check it out!!

Here is a video on how I made this art journal.

This is the original picture from the show I was recreating.

My problem was trying to recreate the lights, and then I thought - stickles!!  But i needed to make them small, have control on where they went and make them look like a light.  The No Clog Writing Cap by ScraPerfect was the perfect solution!!  It gave the fine tip application I needed to complete this project.  

I only had one cap, but they switched out wonderfully and I just squirted out a tiny bit on a scratch paper before I applied the new color to the project.

Thanks for stopping on by, what shows inspire you to create?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Making a Spooky Halloween Snow Globe with the Best Glue Ever

Here's a cute idea for Halloween decorating -- a "snow" globe (minus, of course, the snow).  I used a small mason jar, a tiny raven, skull, part of a floral pic and Halloween miniature.  Once you get your items together, use the Best Glue Ever to adhere them -- even on top of the glass jar! 

This is really a cheap project as well -- everything I used was under $2 each.

The embellishments inside the jar get attached to the lid, then the jar is carefully placed over them and the lid screwed shut.  

Quick tips:  

Before you glue anything down, do a dry run to make sure everything fits.  When I saw this at the store I was originally hoping to use the miniature inside the jar. However once I got home I realized the mouth of the jar was too narrow for it to fit inside. But this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as now the miniature really stands out in it's new spot on the top of the jar.

And, to make sure your items can be seen inside the jar you may need to raise them up higher than the top of the lid.  You can see in the first picture that if I had glued the figure to the lid directly, the bottom inch would be hidden by the metal top (assume for the sake of this that it would fit...). However, by making a platform we can raise the figure so that the bottom will be even (or slightly higher) than where the lid ends.

What's the easiest way to make a platform?  You can stack pieces of chipboard, cardboard or any other scraps you have lying around.  Here I took old chipboard shapes and layered them one after another using the Best Glue Ever to adhere.  The one rule is that your layers need to be in the middle and cannot fill the bottom of the lid -- otherwise you won't be able to screw in the jar.  You can see in the photos below how I've left plenty of room.

See the extra glue in the lid? I knew the bottom of the figure was just a teensy bit wider than my jar opening, so before I placed it on top of the jar I stuck it in the middle of the lid to help me judge which chipboard pieces to use. I knew I had to stay smaller than the glue outline on the lid. And your pieces don't have to be the same -- I used a snowflake, heart, and flowers as well as circles.

If your items will be smaller than the bottom of the jar, you can use pattern paper, ink or paint to cover the top of your platform prior to adhering your pieces. You can also glue flocking, fake snow or glitter around your items as well.  The top chipboard piece I used was an old Scenic Route circle and the pattern was season enough that I left it as is.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

How to make "Inspired" Origami Dress Birthday Card

Hi All-
Amy here with a card inspired by  Ginny's  ideas to embellish an origami dress for a card.  SO, what do you use to remove mascara and why do I ask?  Read the step-by-steps below for some tips, techniques and tricks you won't want to miss!

Start with these easy-peasy origami instructions
(This dress was made from a 4.5" sq piece of paper.)
I tried a 4" square and 5" square before settling on 4.5" square.
Compare sizes with the kraft paper A2 card (half an 8.5' x 11' paper).
I used ScraPerfect's No-Clog Writing Cap™ to apply Glossy Accents to the black swirls on the pattern paper.
The cap not only prevents the clogged-tip frustration,but the stainless steel tip 
also allows for very fine detailed applications of the glaze!
See how thin the stainless steel tip is? There's a cap with a pin that keeps it clog-free.
(Reminder: do clean the tip from time to time. We recommend ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever.
Lacking thin black ribbon, I used a piece of vinyl for the belt and a gem for the "buckle"...
...and even though the gems are 'pre-sticky', I always add a tiny bit of ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever to pre-sticky items (chipboard, gems, charms...) because I know the original adhesive never holds up, and the Best Glue Ever surely will!
Gem is secure!
I applied a fine line of glue to the belt. The Best Glue Ever is the one glue for everything
including vinyl, paper, gems...wood, metal, acrylic, vellum, fabric, foil, and fine bling, too!
A tiny bit of glue in the folds will reduce the bulk of the folds.
NOTE WELL: It only takes a teeny bit of glue to hold it fast and strong.
Use sparingly. The glue will dry quicker, be neater, last longer--and will hold fast and secure!
The dress needed more bling, so I applied groups of 3 tiny dots of glue
mimicking the 3 black dots of the printed pattern.
[Can you apply dots this small of your glue, and would teeny dots of your glue hold well enough?]
See the tiny dots of glue? (They've turned clear!)  The glue dries very fast and it dries clear...
...good thing the glue dries tacky so I don't need to rush as it doesn't matter
 if the glue "dries"before I've had a chance to apply the glitter.
ScraPerfect's Perfect Cleaning Cloth, made in the USA from VERY high quality microfiber,
attracts like a magnet and has so many uses:
It removes fingerprints, sanding dust, anti-static powder, AND glitter to name a few.
(It's great in the craft room, but also incredible for cell phone and laptop screens, too!)
I actually use one of these Cloths to remove makeup!!!  It's so soft and gentle and
all those microfibers really grab "dirt". I dab my mascara off with just water and a little gentle face cleaner.
I hang the cloth by its ribbon on a suction-cup ornament hanger hook stuck to 
the bathroom mirror; it dries fast and is always handy.
A few swipes of the cloth and the stray glitter is gone.
(Shake the cloth over a trash can and the cloth is glitter-free, too.)
The cloth is washable--no fabric softener, though.
See? Glitter gone
Now I'll use the cloth to de-glitter my work table.
The tip that comes on the Best Glue Ever is also wonderful for fine applications and it really rarely ever clogs.
The no-clog cap, however, restricts the flow, making the bottle last even longer.
 (Is that a word?)
After tapping the card to remove the bulk of the glitter, a swipe of "The Cloth" removes the stray glitter grains.
To personalize a caption:
Print the message on inkjet paper and use easy-to-remove masking or washi tape to
temporarily adhere a piece of cardstock or specialty paper over it.
 HINT: Wipe the cardstock with ScraPerfect's Perfect Crafting Pouch.
(Learn about its many uses on our website or watch this video. I'm using it now to assure super-crisp printing.)
Send paper back through printer so the same message is printed right onto the cardstock.
Apply a bit of Best Glue Ever to the cardstock and press it down.
You do have a very short time to adjust the position before it's stuck forever.
Add some glue to back of dress and press it down. 
Create an inside-the-card message and glue it down.
The front...
...and the inside.

Thanks, Ginny, for the origami-card idea which got me thinking about other shapes...

Questions? Comments? I'd love to see your adaption:)

Video how to make "stolen" design element from free packaging

Amy Here with a short video tutorial on sweet birthday card I created for my son's girlfriend. The card I made for her was inspired by the "gift embellishment" Shelly, ScraPerfect Design Team member, demonstrated in a previous blog post.

The video includes a couple of extra ideas: turning trash to treasures in the form of altering packaging, expanding the uses of embossing folders by "hiding" design elements, and personalizing embellishments with a computer/printer (aka "million dollar trick")!

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Of course I used ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever to adhere everything from the shiny, light chipboard, the vellum, and the ribbon to the deeply embossed handmade paper. 

I also used ScraPerfect's Perfect Crafting Pouch to print crisper, sharper words on the white cardstock. 

The No-Clog Writing Cap (Large Base) on the Best Glue Ever bottle made application of a superfine bead of glue so easy!

Check it out:

Watch the quick video and PLEASE upload to our Facebook page how you "scrap-lifted" Shelly's "present embellishment", too!