Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Outsmarting Murphy's Law with the Best Glue Ever

You know Murphy's Law, right?

Anything that could possibly go wrong, will.  The likelihood of this happening increases when you're trying to actually accomplish something. And this week it hit me in spades.

Take for example, my determined effort to catch up and complete my December Daily minibooks for 2014 and 2015 as well as try and start one for this year.  I have lots of Christmas themed supplies,  like many of you. I also belong to a few kit clubs that include paper, cards, stickers, embellishments and more.  This year I added a couple December kits specifically for these projects.

I like to try and use a lot of what's inside my kits, including stickers.  Including these rubbery-plastic alphas and phrases.  Cute, huh?

However, right after I put them on one of my 3x4 cards, I noticed the letters started bending up and off the card.

How annoying - especially for a brand new set of stickers.  I could cut them a bit of slack it they were say, five years old!  But while it's a #firstworldproblem, it's easily solved by a little bit of the Best Glue Ever.  I peeled the alphas off and added a few small drops of the Best Glue Ever to the back then reapplied them to my card.

And then this happened....

Isn't it frustrating to punch a chipboard piece out only to find it's now split in half?  So much for adhesive embellishments.....   Again, with a small amount of the Best Glue Ever I was back in business - and confident that my chipboard piece would not budge from where I placed it.

Not so much for these gold stickers - which are also new!  I used two on the exterior of my album. They've been there for maybe three days tops.  Both of them fell off.  Both.  With a big sigh I picked up the "5" and reached for the Best Glue Ever.

Ever looked down and found stickers attached to your sleeve? Yup. That was me.  I'm still looking for the "1."

I wanted to show you just how little of the Best Glue Ever you need.  Here, six tiny drops is all I need to hold the sticker. 

I've been scrapbooking for over ten years. When I flip through my albums I always find old stickers, chipboard and embellishments that are floating around in the page protector because the adhesive gave out.  I'm not going to mention names, but there's one really popular brand of alphas (they do chipboard, felt, plastic and more) that more often than not detaches from my pages.

I never have that problem with the Best Glue Ever.  In fact, I'll go through my albums once a year with a bottle of the Best Glue Ever looking for things that have come unattached.


Penny said...

This is great! I love making my own Project life cards. Thanks for the idea. Penny

Mom2Two said...

In fact, as an added precaution, I ALWAYS add a few dabs of Best Glue Ever to all the pre-stuck embellish use for exactly this same reason. So many have fallen off my old pages, I have learned not to don't trust the adhesive they use on pre-stuck embellies!