Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Decor

Tempted by all those holiday sales at your local craft store? Me too!  I found a bunch of these metal distressed-looking holiday shapes and just had to grab some.

I have quite a large stash of Christmas items, including paper, tissue, and various embellishments. I started making a huge pile of potential things to include on my workspace, then trying out various combinations until I was satisfied.

I decided to cover the back of one side with this tissue paper I'd picked up at Paper Source. This is a bit thicker than regular tissue and more like paper as it doesn't rip as easily, however, it was easy to fold and bend around the corners. I traced the outline of my shape onto the paper, cut it out, then dry-fit it into the shape before adhering.  Next, I placed a good dollop of the Best Glue Ever into the middle of the shape then spread it all over the surface with an old brush before applying the paper.

I then started layering and gluing the various layers of snowflakes together, and onto my metal shape.  I have wood, felt and stickers -- all of which got some Best Glue Ever. These red snowflakes are actually magnets, so I didn't use glue on them.

A bit of ribbon at the top to hang, and I'm done! This makes a great statement ornament for a tree, or can sit by itself in your Christmas display.