Sunday, December 11, 2016

Embellie Gellie to the rescue story


Hi ... Bev here today. ScraPerfect and Robin's Nest are doing a cross promo. I am sharing this fun but simple designed Christmas card. I am using Embellie Gellie to apply the dew drops.

On my computer screen you can see the card I was scraplifting .... from Mary's Handmade cards. Thanks Mary. I loved it instantly and since I own so many fabulous Robin's Nest dew drops it was a perfect project for me. 
I started with my white cardstock single card base and estimated the cut out image space. 
I then used signo white gel pen and doodled the image portion... just freehand and no pressure... just doodle.

Here is what I looks like up close. Nothing too detailed.. simple but elegant.

Using the single card base I cut out the frame to fit my design.

It gets glued behind. If you like you can foam pop it for depth.

Now using the ScraPerfect (cross promo) Embellie Gellie applying the dew drops is so much easier. You pick them up using the stick with a bit of gellie on the end.

Then add glue to back and position it onto the project and release in place. It's that easy.

I then glued it to the full colour card base for added layers of colour. I black pen stitched doodled around the edges.

To finish it I using small words chipboards from Creative Embellishments and inked them to match the card.

Be sure to check the store out for this amazing product and also many others.
I also have a STORY to share about Embellie Gellie. My DH was trying to fix my mom's kitchen sink tap and he was down underneath and called for help. The screw driver kept dropping the screw and he couldn't handle getting in and out of cupboard without it falling out. I tried handing it to him while he was underneath but it still fell out. THEN I remembered I packed my Embellie Gellie to bring home from Florida to use while crafting here in Canada. I rushed downstairs and maybe took 5 minutes to unpack my bag to find the Embellie Gellie but I found it. AND you know what .. it worked perfectly.
I put some down inside the handle part of the screw driver and then stuck in the screw. It held it in place long enough for him to turn it into place... and the 2 screws were done in record time then. LOL He just laughed and wanted to know what I used and where did it come from... my new DT products are coming in handy for so many things even around the house.

Thanks for stopping by.. hope to see you again soon.


Penny said...

Beautiful Bev!

ScraPerfect said...

Love the card! I think the simple color scheme really pops!

Another way to use the glue and Embellie Gellie is to add the tiny dots to the paper and let them just start to dry a little. They get VERy tacky. Then pick up the Dew Drops with the Embellie Gellie and it will easily transfer to the sticky dot.

Lastly--I used Embellie Gellie the same exact way when fixing a part on our stove where the teeny tiny non-magnetic screw had to go thrgouh a hole in the sheet metal before screwing into its hole. Embellie Gellie was PERFECT...but I only thought of it after dropping the #$%^ screw many, many times!