Monday, December 19, 2016

Crafting with kids and ScraPerfect

Tracy here today with a bit of a different post. My granddaughters were here last week and we spent an afternoon crafting. They are 9 and 6 and I was pretty impressed with what they made....though I may be a little biased! lol They even came up with their own ideas on how to make their projects.

The Christmas tree was made by Cadence who is 9 years old. She was going to draw all the scalloped circles and then cut them out until I suggested I use my Cricut to cut them out. She had never seen a Cricut before but she picked up how to use it immediately and pushed me out of the way. She used 2 different colors of green paper and cut 8 circles out of each color and gradually reduced the size. (I think she started at 4 inches and reduced it by a 1/2 inch each time all the way down to a 1/2 inch for the last circle.) For the base she used an empty toilet paper roll, cut it in half and wrapped it in Washi tape. She cut out a red circle for the base and then found this doily cut, cut it using white cardstock and layered it on top of the red circle. For the trunk of the tree she used a wooden skewer and glued it to the base with the Best Glue Ever and then added all the scalloped circles. Of course they didn't stay separated so I suggested she add some Best Glue Ever along the skewer under each circle. Thank goodness for the No Clog Tip which made it so easy to get in between the layers. It also kept her from using too much glue since she didn't believe me when I told her she didn't need to use very much of the glue. 

She then decorated it using adhesive backed gems and glued a star to the top of the skewer using the Best Glue Ever. She was sure it wouldn't stick but I proved her wrong! That was as far as she got before they had to leave and she had no room to pack it in her luggage so I promised to mail it to her. I knew she wanted to make some presents for underneath the tree so I went ahead and made them for her....I know she'll be surprised.

 Here's a good view of the finished tree.

My other granddaughter, Brylie, who is 6 years old, wanted to make a Santa. On her own, while I was helping Cadence with the Cricut, she took the other half of the toilet paper roll and wrapped it in red paper and drew a black belt around it. For the face I used my Cricut and gave her all the pieces and she glued them all together on her own using the Best Glue Ever.  She did a great job and didn't use a ton of glue like her sister did. She was so proud of herself and ran right out and put it on our Christmas tree. She left it here so we could mail it to her and I decided to add the belt buckle, the pompom and some eyes for her. Not sure what those cuts along the bottom are but she insisted they be there. lol 

Then, of course, we had to clean up their hands, the floor of my scraproom and my desk. Naturally I grabbed my Best Cleaner Ever and went to town. I was really worried about my wood floor but it cleaned up perfectly! And since the Best Cleaner Ever is non-toxic I wasn't worried about using it on my granddaughters hands.

And now for my quick project. I had picked up several small gifts for the girls like a couple of stamp and ink sets (mom is gonna love me), stickers, small punch, lip gloss and lotion. Instead of wrapping them individually I grabbed a couple of glossy white gift bags and decided to decorate them as snowmen. I cut out the noses, scarves and all the black circles on my Cricut and glued them to the glossy white bags with the Best Glue Ever and it held immediately. Just love that works on everything! For the gift tags I took some adhesive backed tags and tapped the Perfect Crafting Pouch on the back to remove the stickiness, punched a hole in them and tied them to the handles. Quick and easy gift bags!

So it just goes to show that these ScraPerfect products are great for crafting with kids. I have to say the Best Cleaner Ever was a lifesaver. I didn't worry about them getting glue all over my desk or themselves because I knew it would clean right up easily. And I was so happy when the Best Cleaner Ever cleaned up my wood floors too!

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Colleen said...

How adorable, I think they did a great job.

Penny said...

These are really cute!

ScraPerfect said...

Love these!!! The trees would be a good craft to celebrate Earth Day (or Tu b'shevat)!