Thursday, December 8, 2016

Best Glue Ever and Glitter -- A Crafter's Dream!

Hello and Welcome!  Shelly with you on the blog today bringing you a great technique with glitter.

This month both my sister and niece are graduating from nursing school (I couldn't be more proud!)  I decided to make custom nurse themed gift bags to hold their graduation gifts.

I used a free nurse cap coloring page from a Google search as my pattern and cut out a white nurse cap & red cross from scrap cardstock.

I wanted to edge the nurse's cap in a nice chunky glitter.  This is how I created a perfect glittered edge: 
  • Prep your cardstock cut out by patting with the PerfectCrafting Pouch.  This will get rid of any static and glitter will ONLY stick to your glue (no random sprinklings of glitter!)
  • Using the Best Glue Ever and the No Clog Writing Tip (this is a must have - and my new craft crush - to apply glue with precision - it comes in different sizes and even fits different brands of glue), squeeze a line of glue along the edge of your cut out
  • Pour glitter over your cut out and shake off excess
  • Unlike typical glitter glues, Best Glue Ever dries QUICKLY!
 For the cross on the nurses cap:

  •  Squeeze Best Glue Ever on to a dish, add just a bit of water and mix
  • Apply watered down glue to cross with foam brush
  • Pour red glitter over cross, shake off excess
 Attach cross to cap using foam tape and attach your finished piece to bag.

You will be amazed at how quickly the Best Glue Ever dries, allowing you to create last minute custom gift wrap!

Check out this terrific detailed video on the blog giving a side by side demo with Stickles:

Thanks for stopping by today !