Saturday, December 24, 2016

3D Christmas Church

Merry Christmas
I have been wanting to make a Christmas City/Town for years
So I finally decided to start and with a Church that I found on
I plan on making more buildings through out the years

As I was making the church I was finding out some great secrets that will help making 3D paper crafting a little easier.
These are some of the favorite Christmas Pattern Papers that I liked this year.

Isn't this the coolest piece of Pattern Paper
It looks like wood

I made my Base first
I was so excited to cut the velum out to make the windows

I found that placing the Pattern Papers on while the piece can lye flat

Putting together the Bell Tower

I wanted the snow on the roof to glisten 
I edged the Snow cut outs lightly with 
Tim Holtz "Tumbled Glass" Distress Ink 
by Ranger

You only need a very little amount of
The Best Glue Ever

Just spread a very thin layer of 
The Best Glue Ever 
on the paper

The smug 
Ranger Perfect Pearls 

I wanted my Red Door to have a little definition and slight pattern to the back door
so I cut the two pieces for the door with red card stock
I colored the frame of the door solid red with 
Tim Holtz "Fired Brick" Distress Ink by Ranger
Then blotched the backing of the door with the same ink
to give it a slight patteren

After completing my Christmas Church 
I wanted to be able to add to it with more building 
and bring them out year after year

It took me years to start because I did not want to put in all that work and have them be destroyed 

So I decided to lightly Mod Podge the entire Church 

I wanted the Steeple to be about to come off for packing 
So I went to Staples for some Velcro and found these
Scotch Restickable Dots

After sticking them on the bottom of my Steeple 
I cut out a small piece of my stash of  Release Paper 

Address Label Paper 

I cut an peace to fit

Now I can place the Steeple in the Church for storing

I took my Church to a UPS Shipping and Packing Store
to get the right size

12" x 12" Box

These are what is inside the Church

I love the Candle affect 

Thanks so much for visiting 

I hope you enjoyed

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LisaM said...

Beautiful church!

Colleen said...

You put a lot of time into this church and it shows, beautiful job.

Tracy F. said...

What a beautiful job! You'll have a fabulous village in no time!

Penny said...

This was amazing!