Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WHOA! This (craft mess) needs cleaning!!!

Hi All-
Amy here to say that I had cleared off my table and I was about to shoot a new stamping video, 
when I saw this:

It's my Lifetime plastic craft table. To the "trained crafter's eye", it represents many fun hours with ink, paint, paper and glue. But to the "untrained" eye, it was a sticky mess!

So out came ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever™, the earth-friendly and people safe solvent that dissolves ink, paint, adhesive and all sorts of gunky stuff. 

This cleaner is fantastic for the crafter for stamps, tools, brushes, (craft tables), No-Clog Writing Cap™ tips, as well as all around the house, garage and even the car or camper, and yes, for SKIN, too!

After spritzing and waiting a couple minutes before toweling it off, my "slate" is now clean and I'm ready for some more ink, paint, paper and glue!

What does your craft table look like?

1 comment:

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

I have been loving using this cleaner on EVERYTHING! My table needs a good cleaning, too!