Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Erasing Glue plus Trash-to-Treasure Tips!

HI All-
Amy here. Have you wished you could "erase" excess glue that might have oozed out the edge? With ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever, you often can. "Erase it, really?", you ask. Yes! It's because this glue is so special, not because of some special eraser.  (Of course, it's better to use less to begin with and not have to worry about this, but sometimes things happen...)

And I couldn't resist offering a couple trash-to-treasure ideas in case you share my affliction or addiction of saving and transforming "trash" and need more ideas.

I discuss "negative space", but in a different way from the typical which deals with not filling up every inch of the paper, giving your eye somewhere to rest, and highlighting the rest. In this case, the negative space is specifically related to paper punches and cutouts.

PS I also use ScraPerfect's Best Cleaner Ever and Embellie Gellie, because such amazing products need to be shared!


PLEASE feel free to share one of your favorite Trash Transformation Tips in a comment!


Colleen said...

Great tip and I also love to recycle.

Kim Lippincott said...

I love to upcycle too!