Monday, November 7, 2016

Baby Boy Yuck" Layout with ScraPerfect

Baby Boy Yuck" Layout with ScraPerfect

Hi crafter's Penny back showcasing a layout I made this layout for a dear friend of mine, showcasing her grandson Beau.  

So these are some of the supplies I started with. The "YUCK" title is made up of a sticker, and a card. This card will also serve as a journaling block, or another place for someone to add a photo. I also used some ribbon, pattern paper, brads, and an invitation that was die cut in the shape of a diaper.

Since this was made to be used as an invitation, I cut a piece of white cardstock to fit inside of the die cut diaper. This can now be used as a journaling block, or a spot for an extra photo.

I also used the Best Glue Ever made by ScraPerfect to attach all of my products with.  It works on paper, ribbon, lace, metal, fabric, and just about everything I've ever tried to use it on. I have found during the time I have been using it that a little of this glue goes a LONG, LONG way! 

Next I added the ribbon, across the bottom, and the left hand side. and added the photo.

Then I added the bow, title card, and diaper die cut.

Here is what the diaper die cut looks like in place, and open.

Then I added the washi tape, and some brads to the title.

Then I placed a punched star on the ribbon.

and another star on the diaper die cut.

This shows where I placed stickers in the inside of the title card. I hope my friends loves this layout, and you had a fun time reading about it. Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny


Colleen said...

Very cute.

Tracy F. said...

How cute! I love how you used the invitation!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

So dang cute and love the colors! You make beautiful bows - - I am bow-challenged!