Saturday, October 22, 2016

Talavera Inspired Gourd Birdhouse

I adore the vivid colors and bold patterns of Talavera Pottery.  Inspired by the work of The Crafty Chica and her Talavera pumpkins, and with the help of my ScraPerfect go-to team of products, I have created a Talavera style birdhouse from a gourd.

So let's have some fun!

You will need:

Dried Gourd (I got mine from a neighbor, but they are readily available online)
Spray Paint - Terra Cotta
Stain - Walnut
Acrylic Paints in  all different colors
Dew Drops from The Robins Nest

Let's get crafty!

  • Using the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and Best Cleaner Ever, gently wipe down your gourd so you have a nice clean surface to start painting. 
  • Using a Dremel Tool or sturdy craft knife, cut an opening in your gourd for the birds to get in and out and also drill a hole completely through neck of gourd to use for hanging your birdhouse
  • Again, wipe down your surface with Best Cleaner Ever and Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove any dust / debris from cutting
  • I sprayed a primer on my gourd -  this is optional
  • Spray a coat of terra cotta spray paint, let dry
  • Using and old rag, wipe walnut stain over the top of your terra cotta base
  • You now have a beautiful aged pottery look!

Now it's time to get creative....

  • Go ahead and do a Google image search for Mexican pottery - now just leave that screen up for inspiration. 
  • Using chalk, lightly sketch your design on gourd

  • Now paint your design in white paint (we will put color ON TOP of the white for extra POP!)

  • Now add color to your designs and let dry thoroughly
  • Roughly outline your designs using black puffy paint or a Sharpie
  • It's time to grab your Best Glue Ever, Embellie Gellie and a pile of Dew Drops in all sizes and colors.  Dot your Best Glue Ever all over your design and use your EmbellieGellie to apply  Dew Drops. 

Some hemp twine through the top and I am ready to welcome new bird tenants!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Colleen said...

Shelly those turned out great, love them.

Tracy F. said...

This is beautiful! It really looks like pottery!

ScraPerfect said...

Oh my goodness. Gorgeous!

Penny said...

I saw one of these IRL today, and now here you are making a gorgeous one already! Beautiful job! Penny