Sunday, October 9, 2016

ScraPerfect and Glass - Elegant Candle Holders

Hello everyone!  I am happy to be with you today to share a tutorial for a project that is special to my heart.  The candle holders that I made are part of the centerpieces for my upcoming wedding.  It was important that they be durable so I choose The Best Glue Ever for this project and am very happy with the results!  I started out with a plain glass candle holder.

I added lots of loose pearls to the inside and put a flameless candle on top of the pearls as my base of the project.

Now I used The Best Glue Ever to adhere some braided trim to the bottom rim of the candle holders.  I used tiny dots of glue along the back of the trim, a little goes a long way!  I held onto the trim for a few minutes once I placed it on the glass for an extra strong hold.  I did end up with glue on my fingers this way and a bit on the glass where it didn't belong.  No problem, I got out my
Perfect Cleaning Cloth and used a small amount of The Best Cleaner Ever and clean up was a breeze!

Now it was time to embellish, I handmade ivory chiffon singed petal flowers with pearl centers and glued 1 large and 1 medium flower to the side of the glass candleholder.  After that I twisted together a few pearl stamens and glued them in between the 2 flowers for the final touch.

Aren't they pretty finished and with the candle on?  Now I have to make the rest!  Couldn't  have done this project without my ScraPerfect supplies.  I needed the glue to dry clear as the candle holders can be seen all the way around, The Best Glue Ever really delivered!

                               The ScraPerfect products that were used in this project are:
              The Best Glue Ever, the Perfect Cleaning Cloth, and The Best Cleaner Ever

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You can see more of my work on my blog Vintage Rose Creations by Kim.

Until Next Time Crafters,

Kim Norman


Colleen said...

They turned out so pretty.

Tracy F. said...

These are so pretty! Very elegant looking!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Really beautiful - I love your flower detail. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials !

ScraPerfect said...


PS Consider this technique using DIY Glue Dotz and if you try it, please let us know what you think! Lay the trim on a long table (perhaps taping the ends to the table. Apply dots of glue to the trim and let them dry to nearly clear. Then apply the trim to the glass. It will be neat and hold fast. This is sort of a "Hybrid DIY Glue Dotz" approach.

A variation is to make your own DIY glue Dotz, and then use the sticky dots. When comparing homemade ones to bought ones, they are MUCH less expensive, often even tackier and stronger, and you can make them in any size or shape! You can even them in rolls or sheets (and even make sheets of remade embellishments like dewdrops, buttons, pearls or gems.) Here's a basic video on the technique:

Penny said...

These turned out so pretty! Congrats on getting married soon. I love your DIY flowers, I am hooked on making them myself. Love Penny

LisaM said...

This is so pretty Kim!

Kimmie Kay N said...

Thanks so much everyone! I will try that technique for sure!

Kimmie Kay N said...

Thanks Colleen!

Kimmie Kay N said...

Thanks so much!

Kimmie Kay N said...

Thank you Shelly, I am excited!

Kimmie Kay N said...

Can't wait to see your flowers Penny!

Kimmie Kay N said...

Thank you!