Thursday, October 20, 2016

I {Heart} Embellie Gellie

I love adding embellishments.  Anyone else out there have a big collection of wooden shapes? Raise your hand! I think the stars may be my all-time favorite.

While I love how these look, I don't like how hard it is to place them on projects. There's not a big area for glue; their small size makes them hard to hang on to; and you usually wind up dropping them on your project (glue size down, of course), where you don't want them.

Well, that is.. unless you have ScraPerfect's Embellie Gellie.  

It's the best way to pick up those small embellishments - hands-down!  You just take a pea-sized pinch of the Embellie Gellie from the container, roll/smoosh it into a ball and stick it on the applicator stick.  It was last you for months and months.  With little pressure it will pick up and release your embellishment, including holding it so you can add a few small drops of the Best Glue Ever.

I have taken to placing the Embellie Gellie on the end of a seldom used paintbrush.  I place it in with all my other brushes so it's easy to find and grab when I need it.

Like, for instance, adding sequins....

Back to my favorite wooden ones, though.  I've been working on a hand-bound mini album of last year's summer vacation. Once I have the main photos, tickets and other ephemera in the album, I love to add small clusters of embellishments.

Ah, yes.... love those stars...


  1. I love the embellie gellie! It's perfect for those wooden embellies and sequins.

  2. Great photos in your "how to" -- how did I ever use small embellishments before I found Embellie Gellie??

  3. Love your album, and what a great tip to attach some Embellie Gellie to your paint brushes! I am stealing this tip! Love Penny


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