Friday, October 28, 2016

Embellished and decoupaged boxes for Halloween Decor

Hi, Robyn here, with a guest post for Halloween. This little project combines three of my favorite things – using several ScraPerfect products, dollar store crafts and repurposing things.

I found these little coffin shaped boxes at my local dollar store, where I also grabbed a bag of creepy-crawly plastic things. I was inspired by a Pinterest board where someone decorated some old books with skeletons and bugs. But they used hot glue, and I wanted to use Best Glue Ever.

First I selected my items and turned them over to add tiny spots of Best Glue Ever to the back. Being plastic, I left them to sit for a while so the spots would get super tacky. BGE is great for adhering different materials together.

Then, since I had no medium handy, I diluted some BGE with plain water, probably about 3-to-1 water to glue. I found that it worked best if I painted it on to the cardboard as well as the paper – pages from a vintage dictionary. I decoupaged the paper to the boxes and lids. Once they were dry, if there were corners raising up, I put a tiny dab of BGE to hold them.

I then placed the plastic pieces where I wanted the on the lids and they grabbed the dry paper. To be honest, if I were doing this again, I would probably spray paint the plastic pieces the day before, perhaps grey or black, with something that worked on plastic.

Now BGE is not really a decoupage medium – it isn’t a sealer. So I did have some tackiness on the surface of the boxes. I grabbed my Perfect Crafting Pouch and tapped over the whole thing, removing any tacky feeling and incidentally setting up the plastic to accept paint, as I happily discovered.

My fingers and work mat were pretty messy with glue, so I cleaned up with Best Cleaner Ever, before moving on to painting. 

I used acrylic craft paints with a sponge brush to create an aged effect on the boxes. I’ve added them to my Halloween mantel, and I will display with my mini-canvases and the bowls of candy for trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

Additional elements could be adding a border of lace or ribbon trim to the edges, or putting some bling on the surfaces with BGE and the Embellie Gellie.

Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!


Kim Slade-Fuller said...

These are amazing Robyn!

Colleen said...

I love how these turned out. Great job.

Penny said...

I love how you cut apart the embellishments to make new ones! I have some of those same pieces, and would have NEVER dreamed to use them like you did. Fantastic job! Penny

Michelle Wells said...

Great projects!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Great tutorial!! These are absolutely fantastic - - the centipede body with skull head - YIKES!! Awesomely creepy!!

Tracy F. said...

These are so fun! Love them!