Thursday, October 6, 2016

Crisper Stamping with the Perfect Crafting Pouch

When I stamp on any material -- even cardstock -- I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch.  The pouch gives a cleaner, crisper image on any material. There's less chance of your ink smearing, even with these small polymer stamps.

For this layout I used half of a circle stamp to accent the top of my pattern paper block.  After I decided where I wanted my stamp, I rubbed the cardstock with the Perfect Crafting Pouch.  Since I didn't want the entire stamp showing, I used a post-it note to cover up the part of the layout I didn't want to be stamped.

 You can see how the pouch helped give me a crisp image, even with a tiny word stamp on cardstock.

And, let me give a quick plug for the Best Glue Ever  -- the perfect adhesive for metal backed flair!


  1. Thanks for that great tip. Also very nice page.

  2. I like the balance of all the embellishments! NOTE: In th photo, I see a headphone "wire" on her leg. It might be the kind of detail that would bug me as distracting, but in actuality, I think it's a detail that gives a lot of information about her world at this time in history, a good reminder that we need to be careful not to crop out too much background info.

    PS Tell us that you haven't already scrapped THIS year's first day!

  3. Beautiful layout. I love how well you layer your projects. That is one of the hardest things for me to do. Penny

  4. I also love the tip about the crafting pouch, and the post it note.

  5. Super cute layout - - and great stamping tip!


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