Sunday, October 23, 2016

A "scraPERFECT" Halloween Fix!

Hi again!

It's Jessie Hurley, and I'm crazy excited to be able to post as a Guest Designer on the Blog today, because sometimes "life" gives you the perfect (ScraPerfect!) blog post situation!

For the first time in years, I managed to get my Halloween decorations out of the basement WELL before October 31st! I jammed our first decoration into a flower pot in my front yard...I placed too much pressure on the Cat head, and he popped right off!

AACCKKK!!!  And when I looked to see how it had been attached, there were these weird "wood" of course I tried to push the cat back onto the staples...and then bent the staples, argg!!

So NOW what do I do?
I could put the cat away and pretend it was never attached...but you can see the spot on "Witch Way" where it's obvious SOMETHING used to be there....

Or I could put the cat aside until I get to the Hardware store and find more of these weird staple things...and then whatever tool I would need to attach them...but who was I kidding!?!  That cat was NEVER going to get reattached!

So as I stood there (in the rain, because after all it IS B.C.) trying to remember if there was any wood glue in the came to me!

SURELY my FAVOURITE glue would work...AND it would work almost instantly...AND I would have a complete decoration!

So I scribbled some Best Glue Ever onto the back of the Cat.... 

Then I pressed the Cat onto the sign, and held it for about 15 seconds...just to be sure it would WAS raining after all! 

And sure held!  Just as I knew it would!  And with that, my sign was fixed and my decoration day was saved!

It seems as though I'm ALWAYS posting about this product, but that's just proof that Best Glue Ever IS the best adhesive and my first choice for more than just paper projects!

And with that...I wish you all have a VERY Happy Halloween!


Penny said...

Great fix for your Halloween decoration, and you don't have to worry if it's weather proof! Penny

ScraPerfect said...

Right-O! It's permanent and waterproof. We re-adhered a spot mirror to the side view car mirror (used when hauling a trailer to expand the view). It's been through FIVE rainy Pacific Northwest winters, the summer heat on road trips through southwestern deserts, and the snows in the Cascades and Olympic mountains--and it is still stuck strong!

Tracy F. said...

Good thinking to fix your Halloween decoration with the Best Glue Ever! Hubby is working on some new things for his Xmas Village and ran out of his glue so I said try mine and he loved it. Think I'll have to order him his own bottle!

Colleen said...

Great thinking on your part and so glad it worked.

LisaM said...

Great thinking and your sign is cute!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...