Monday, October 31, 2016

Perfect Crafting Pouch, Perfect Cleaning Cloth and Perfect Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Shelly here, wishing you a happy & spooky Halloween!

Today I am crafting along with Colleen's Halloween Card challenge.  The more I use ScraPerfect
products, the more I learn how versatile they are and wonder how I ever crafted without them! 

There are wonderful videos demoing ScraPerfect products over on the website - - they are quick and informative and you will just be amazed.

What I used to create my card:

Bazzill Cardstock - Kraft & Orange
Patterned Paper - Stampin Up
Vintage Images - Gecko Galz (Raven & Bingo Card)
Halloween Tag - Recollections/Michael's
Cardstock Halloween Word Stickers from my stash
Various Halloween Stamps

And here are my tips and tricks that I learned while creating this card:

One of my favorite features of the Best Glue Ever is  how little you have use - I have been testing the limits and this glue is amazing -  - I used little dots to glue all my card components together and 
probably could have used less!

Of course I used my Embellie Gellie to pull sequins from my big bag mix and place them onto the front of my card.  Little bits of the glue seeped through the center holes of the sequins, but Best Glue Ever dries completely clear.

However, once the glue was dry, there was a sticky, tacky residue left on top of my sequins.  This is one of the cool things you can do with the Perfect Crafting Pouch - simply pat the pouch on top of those sticky areas and like magic, the stickiness is gone!  Use your Perfect Cleaning Cloth to gently wipe off any excess powder.

I wanted to continue my card design inside my card and added sequins to my sentiment.  I also wanted to use another cardstock sticker, but wanted to pop it up for dimension and to mimic the raven on the front.  

I patted the sticky back of my sticker with the Perfect Crafting Pouch -- and Voila!  It was now just a die cut I could attach with my foam dimensional tape.  I LOVE this technique - - I am looking at my stash of stickers in a new light!

 I am finishing my post with instructions for PERFECT roasted pumpkin seeds!

Oven 300 Degrees
  • Seeds from your freshly carved Jack-O-Lantern (remove pulp, rinse well under cold water and pat dry)
  • Approximately 2 Tablespoons melted butter
  • Nature's Seasoning (or your own favorite seasoning blend)

Toss pumpkin seeds in melted butter, coat well.
Spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet covered in foil
Sprinkle LIBERALLY with Nature's Seasoning

Bake 30 to 45 minutes until golden brown

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Embellished and decoupaged boxes for Halloween Decor

Hi, Robyn here, with a guest post for Halloween. This little project combines three of my favorite things – using several ScraPerfect products, dollar store crafts and repurposing things.

I found these little coffin shaped boxes at my local dollar store, where I also grabbed a bag of creepy-crawly plastic things. I was inspired by a Pinterest board where someone decorated some old books with skeletons and bugs. But they used hot glue, and I wanted to use Best Glue Ever.

First I selected my items and turned them over to add tiny spots of Best Glue Ever to the back. Being plastic, I left them to sit for a while so the spots would get super tacky. BGE is great for adhering different materials together.

Then, since I had no medium handy, I diluted some BGE with plain water, probably about 3-to-1 water to glue. I found that it worked best if I painted it on to the cardboard as well as the paper – pages from a vintage dictionary. I decoupaged the paper to the boxes and lids. Once they were dry, if there were corners raising up, I put a tiny dab of BGE to hold them.

I then placed the plastic pieces where I wanted the on the lids and they grabbed the dry paper. To be honest, if I were doing this again, I would probably spray paint the plastic pieces the day before, perhaps grey or black, with something that worked on plastic.

Now BGE is not really a decoupage medium – it isn’t a sealer. So I did have some tackiness on the surface of the boxes. I grabbed my Perfect Crafting Pouch and tapped over the whole thing, removing any tacky feeling and incidentally setting up the plastic to accept paint, as I happily discovered.

My fingers and work mat were pretty messy with glue, so I cleaned up with Best Cleaner Ever, before moving on to painting. 

I used acrylic craft paints with a sponge brush to create an aged effect on the boxes. I’ve added them to my Halloween mantel, and I will display with my mini-canvases and the bowls of candy for trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

Additional elements could be adding a border of lace or ribbon trim to the edges, or putting some bling on the surfaces with BGE and the Embellie Gellie.

Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

You Are Here With ScraPerfect

Hey there Scrappy Friends!
Lisa here today to share a layout and how I created it using a few ScraPerfect products.

I picked out my photos.
Next, I normally would pick out papers, but in this case, I wanted to use the frames first and papers in later.
I used the Best Glue Ever and the No Clog Writing Cap to attach the frames and journal spot to the back of my photos. I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch and rubbed it over the top of my journal spot where I put too much glue and it seeped out. I was impressed that the stickiness of the glue was gone! How cool!

I placed these items to the side and worked on my background.
For my background, I added white Gesso. 

Once it was dry, I added some watercolors using the packaging technique. This technique is so simple. All you do is tack a piece of plastic packaging and add watercolor, mist Gelatos, etc. to it. flip it over on your paper and rub. Make sure to dry the color before adding another one. I forgot to take a picture of the completed background until after I  used the Best Glue Ever to attach the photos and frames. I did use foam tape behind the photos to match the depth of the frames. I added some of the Best Glue Ever to the foam tape as well.

I glued the frames together in the bottom cluster using the Best Glue Ever along with the No Clog Writing Cap.
I finished the layout off with embellies adhered with the glue as well.

Here are a few more close ups:

I love this glue and the fine line of No Clog Writing Cap, it's perfect for adding just a bit of glue to small spaces like the teal arrow in the above photo.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vintage Inspired Notepad For Under A Fiver by Kim Fuller

Good morning friends, Kim F. here and I have a quick and easy project to share with you today for ScraPerfect.
I love to make gifts for friends, and this one is super easy and quick to make and under a fiver, thanks to the Best Glue Ever! 
I began with a notepad I got from Michaels out of the $1.50 bin, now that is a bargain! 
The notepad had a cardboard front on it with a pattern, but I wanted to alter it and make it as a gift, and even though it cost under a fiver to make, it looks like a millon bucks when you are done.

I decided to cover the patterned front of the notepad with some lovely vintage inspired paper from my stash. I punched holes in the top of the paper so it would line up with the wire binding on the pad. I also designed a digital image of a vintage lady, colorized her, added some roses to her hat and corner of the photo and some script to really make it feel vintage. I used The Best Glue ever here as well to glue her down. I love that this glue dries so flat, and my printed images do not ripple at all when I use this glue.

I of course used The Best Glue Ever for sticking down the papers on the front and back. I love this stuff, and if you are like me and always glue things on crooked, then fear not, Best Glue Ever to the rescue!  It is repositionable! Yes, once the glue dries to a tacky feel, you can then stick it down on your project and then if it is crooked, lift it and reposition it. To me this is Heaven sent, I am forever getting my paper on crooked.


Now its time to start decorating my little note book. I used up all scraps of laces and trims from my stash. See? I told you it would be under $5 bucks to make!
I even used some left over morning coffee to dye my laces, so I wasn't even using up my expensive sprays in my stash. 

I also covered the back and used more left over laces and trims. The brown trim at the bottom is a cut up old doily I had in my stash, it makes great trim for the bottom of things.
Once again, here is my finished project.

So here is the break down for under $5 dollars.
Notepad from Michaels -  $1.50
Scrap laces from my stash - $1.00
Left over morning coffee - Free
Digital image I created - Free
Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you will check out the ScraPerfect store for all the great goodies they have in stock and check out the ScraPerfect Blog as well for lots of great inspiration from the Design Team.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Best Cleaner Ever will be great for all us Crafters out there

Hi Bev here today. I am super excited to share some things I tried the Best Cleaner Ever on. I started with my crafting mat which has some black and sticky spots on it as you can see above.

It took a few applications with letting it sit between to get the best results as per the photo above .. but it's the cleanest it's been in a year. Now if I keep the cleaning process up on a more regular schedule it could be like this all the time. I am thrilled to find something that takes all the glue and black off my mat. Now I can craft again on a looks like new surface.
The Best Cleaner Ever: The Earth-Friendly Solvent! for removing adhesive, ink, paint, and other stubborn stuff!
  • Safe for hands, tools, brushes, clear & rubber stamps, fabrics, & more
  • Removes: Solvent ink including StazOn; Permanent markers; Adhesive build-up on scissors; Latex, enamel, & spray paints, Duct tape residue; Best Glue Ever™-- even from fabric; & more!!!
  • Contains 99.9% active ingredients. No water, alcohol, or abrasives
  • Apply from the pink spray bottle; rinses off with water
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Biodegradable
  • No Harmful Fumes
Be sure to visit the store to see this amazing product and there are lists, video and tips on other things to use this amazing cleaner on. Thanks for stopping by today and see you again soon.

Coffee Bar

This was a Dresser that I found next to our Dumpster on our Complex.

There was black magic markers or Sharpie in the front and on the side and it only had three drawers.
I used to top two 

The Best Cleaner Ever got the black markings off.

I got a couple of tension rode and made curtains.
Now I have a Coffee Bar    

And to think my husband did think it would work.
The Best Cleaner Ever 
Work Magic

Thanks For Looking

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A "scraPERFECT" Halloween Fix!

Hi again!

It's Jessie Hurley, and I'm crazy excited to be able to post as a Guest Designer on the Blog today, because sometimes "life" gives you the perfect (ScraPerfect!) blog post situation!

For the first time in years, I managed to get my Halloween decorations out of the basement WELL before October 31st! I jammed our first decoration into a flower pot in my front yard...I placed too much pressure on the Cat head, and he popped right off!

AACCKKK!!!  And when I looked to see how it had been attached, there were these weird "wood" of course I tried to push the cat back onto the staples...and then bent the staples, argg!!

So NOW what do I do?
I could put the cat away and pretend it was never attached...but you can see the spot on "Witch Way" where it's obvious SOMETHING used to be there....

Or I could put the cat aside until I get to the Hardware store and find more of these weird staple things...and then whatever tool I would need to attach them...but who was I kidding!?!  That cat was NEVER going to get reattached!

So as I stood there (in the rain, because after all it IS B.C.) trying to remember if there was any wood glue in the came to me!

SURELY my FAVOURITE glue would work...AND it would work almost instantly...AND I would have a complete decoration!

So I scribbled some Best Glue Ever onto the back of the Cat.... 

Then I pressed the Cat onto the sign, and held it for about 15 seconds...just to be sure it would WAS raining after all! 

And sure held!  Just as I knew it would!  And with that, my sign was fixed and my decoration day was saved!

It seems as though I'm ALWAYS posting about this product, but that's just proof that Best Glue Ever IS the best adhesive and my first choice for more than just paper projects!

And with that...I wish you all have a VERY Happy Halloween!