Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Embedded Glitter Technique with ScraPerfect

The Embedded Glitter Technique With ScraPerfect

This is one of my favourite techniques for Christmas cards, Embedded Glitter...

The first step is to create a "base" that we can embed the Die image into without cutting all the way through.  I layer 2 pieces of cardstock with 2 pieces of Double Sided Tape.

Once the layers are stuck together (Cardstock, SookWang Tape, Cardstock, Sookwang Tape), then I run the die through my machine and "Embed" the image into the top layer of Sookwang Tape.

Now I can Peel off the individual pieces of the die-cut protective backing of the sookwang tape to expose the sticky surface, and apply my glitter.

Oftentimes though, the glitter doesn't completely cover all the sticky bits, so I have a trick... ScraPerfect's Perfect Crafting Pouch.

I pounce the Crafting Pouch all over the surface of the glitter, and it solves the extra stickiness problem!

The perfect solution for the perfect Christmas card!

Hope you have fun trying out this awesome technique!


Penny said...

Great card, and I love how you used the pouch! Penny

Colleen said...

Very pretty card.

Colleen said...
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