Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to: Get out of "STICKY Situations" in Papercrafts

Amy Here with several ideas for what to do when you have some sticky something on your project. It could be some glue (Best Glue Ever, perhaps?), double stick tape, a glue dot, sticker, whatever that remains tacky even when dry.

DE-activate it! The Perfect Crafting Pouch is a perfect "adhesive de-activator".

Erase it! Really? YES, using a quality white vinyl eraser or any glue erasers on the market often works depending upon the particular adhesive. (With the Best Glue Ever, just let the glue dry to tacky before "erasing".)

Hide it! You might be able to stick an embellishment on top of the sticky.

Prevention, of course! With the Best Glue Ever, use much less than you think you need. It will dry faster, make the bottle last a really, really long time, and be neater--you won't get the "swishing out" the edges typical with most glues. (In the video, the little goober was created when I changed the location of the dark blue strip, leaving a little glue behind.

•  BUT WAIT! (There's more?) Yes, here's another idea that's perfect in many situations.  (I won't spoil it--watch this short video!)

Click here to learn more about Designer Transfer Foils.

So what do you do to get yourself out of a sticky situation?