Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Variety of Embellishments? You Need the Best Glue Ever!

I love adding lots of embellishments to my projects.  I pulled all of these out of a monthly kit package -- there's cork, acetate and rubber embellishments.  The Best Glue Ever makes adhering all of these quick and easy!

One of the things I love about this glue is how little you need.  Seriously, these three tiny dots was more than enough glue to hold this letter.  It's nice to have an adhesive on hand that doesn't take half the bottle (or tape roll) for each layout.

Here's my favorite trick for acetate and clear embellishments:  place a few tiny drops on the back and then use a finger to spread the glue over the entire back.  The glue quickly dries tacky and will stick to your project without any glue marks, lines or tell tale signs.

Since these acetate embellishments had black clouds on them, I took advantage of the color and spread the glue only in the black areas. This lets them float a bit on the edges and gives me the dimensional look I like.


Tracy F. said...

This is so cute and great tip about gluing down clear embellies.

Penny said...

Beautiful, and I agree great tips on gluing down tricky to glue items! Penny

ScraPerfect said...

I love the "white space" and yet how embellished the focus is. Must remember this (when I'm not typically trying to find the space for the so many pics, journaling, and title that is!)