Friday, August 19, 2016

Kicking Up Project Life - aka Foiled Again!

I enjoy using Project Life supplies in my scrapbooking. It's a great solution when you have lots of photos you want to use. But I don't always like the flat preprinted cards.  That's where it's handy to have a few extra supplies.

For this project I started with a white cardstock Project Life 4x6 card.  Using the Best Glue Ever, ScraPerfect transfer foils and an American Crafts brayer stamp I was ready to add a bit of bling.

I started by taking the plastic packaging off the alpha stickers I used to act as my inking plate.  This way I don't have to worry about clean up - I just toss the plastic into the trash. I put a thick line of the Best Glue Ever onto the plastic and started rolling the brayer through the glue until I got good coverage. Then I rolled it onto the card until I covered most of the surface.

Once I had rolled my glue I immediately washed the brayer in a bit of warm soapy water.

You can tell when the Best Glue Ever has dried because it will turn clear.  If you're foiling you want it to by dry and tacky. The foil won't take to wet glue.

Another recommendation - you get a better foiled image with a thinner layer of glue, not a thicker one.

To foil, place the piece of ScraPerfect Transfer Foil, shiny side up over your dry Best Glue Ever and rub.  That's it! Move the foil around and rub until you've gotten all the glue.

Here's my foiled card.  I had a hard time catching the light, but trust me, it's quite reflective when the light hits it.  Now it's on to add a few puffy alphas and add it to my page.

And when I said I tossed the plastic packaging into the trash? Well, I did, but not before I used the rest of the glue.

Rolling out the Best Glue Ever with the brayer left a cool impression on the packaging, so I rubbed the plastic onto an art journal page the used the Transfer Foil on it as well. Now that's a cool way to use up your supplies and not waste any!


Penny said...

This is beautiful, I loved how you used the glue with the brayer, and the foil. L/Penny

Bev Code said...

really cool idea.. great tip.. fab projects