Saturday, August 27, 2016

How to Rescue Enamelware: Cheap and Easy!

Amy Here, sharing about a potentially adorable enamelware container I found at an estate sale. While the chips don't detract from the charm, the tan “yuck” all over the sides, bottom and on the lid was not charming, the old sticker ghost of old dried adhesive and the red “21” written in what appeared to be permanent marker was ugly.  Nothing washed off and I couldn't scratch it off with my fingernail. 

At first, I thought it was dried  tan packing tape residue which I knew could be removed with The Best Cleaner Ever™. This cleaner is safe for skin, has no fumes and is a solvent strong enough to remove the yuck, but contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals. It is amazingly magical.

I could have wasted a bunch of energy by scrubbing, but on extra tough stuff, it’s best to spray the Best Cleaner Ever on and walk away. 

After a few minutes (or longer), the gunk was dissolving. It turned out to be paint, not adhesive residue. I rubbed it and was pleased at how effectively it was working!

Checkout this 28 second video!

One handy little tissue was not nearly enough to wipe it all away, and some paint was extra stuck in the nooks and crannies of the chipped enamel areas.

A paper towel might have been okay, but Scraperfect’s Perfect Cleaning Cloth™ is incredibly effective at cleaning and will not scratch. 

(I actually use the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove mascara without chemicals or irritation, by dabbing a wet Perfect Cleaning Cloth onto my eyes--but let’s save that for another post!)

All that was left was to rinse it under water to remove the cleaner, and to let it dry. I’m so pleased with this “cutie-patootie” little container.  

I just haven’t decided what to put in it. Any ideas???


Penny said...

I love this little container! The cleaner is amazing, I love how it works. I think I would fill it with buttons, but then I have a huge button addiction as well as a brad addiction! Love Penny

Bev Code said...

amazing cleaner.. fixed that into a cute little container.