Friday, August 5, 2016

Card using Best Glue Ever and Foils

Hi all Wendy here and it is a fab Friday
and today I have a have made card for you and on this card
I used the Best Glue Ever, Foils.

I used the Best glue ever to add my layers to my card I have a full video below

I used a wood sentiment and coated it with The Best Glue Ever then let it dry you will know when its ready as it will go from white to clear and be tacky to the touch
I then used one of the Holo Foils called the silver Star 
I put it over the tacky glue on the sentiment rubbed and voila 
a wood sentiment turned into an amazing silver embellishment.

Then I added some Best Glue Ever to the balloon and sprinkled some fine glitter on it for that extra sparkle.

To finish my card I used some stickles with the smallest no clog writing cap 

I then added the stickles to my flowers.

Below is my Youbue Video showing me making this


Penny said...

Beautiful card!

ScraPerfect said...

The colored image is so sweet and I love the use of cardboard for dimension! GREAT idea!!!!

One thing about the Best glue Ever that is so different from other white glues is that you only need a teeny tiny bit for a very strong bond. It holds fast, dries quicker, is neater, and makes the glue LAST a very long time. It's actually something that people new to the product don't realize. Try using the tiniest dots you can possibly make and if they don't seem to work for you, you can always use more. Your paper, chipboard or cardboard will stick and your glue will last a VERY long time. (Also, I love using a bit of foam cut from an old chair cushion as a "brush". It keeps my fingers clean and I toss the little piece when I'm done--with no hassle of cleaning.