Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tip's on How to Organize Your Scrapbooking Brads

Hello crafters, Penny here with some tips on how to organize your scrapbooking brads. Most of my crafting friends, know I have an addiction to brad's. Yes, I totally need some intervention where brad's are concerned.  So I had to find a good storage solution for this problem. So I chose this super cute spinning spice rack, and the matching glass jars. I love the jar lids that are colored, and I try to put that color brads in that jar, but sadly those lids are hard to find. So for the jars that didn't have colored lids, I placed a colored sticker on the top of each lid to match the color of the brads that the jar held.  That way when looking at the jars from the top down I can quickly figure out what color brads are in that particular jar. Well I have got to tell you this is by far one of my favorite storage items. However, since I am constantly handling the jars, and I am too busy crafting to dust, the tops of the jar, and the holder can get dirty quickly.  

Yes, these are what the jar's looked like prior to my cleaning them. They had previous sticker residue on them from when they were used for spices, which made EVERYTHING stick to them. Totally nasty! Thankfully I had a secret weapon for all that yuck! 

 Scraperfect's Best Cleaner Ever ! 
It is: 

No Harmful Fumes
It is also safe for hands, tools, clear, & rubber stamps, fabric, and more. It removes solvent ink from rubber stamps, adhesive build-up on scissors, permanent marker from white boards, the Best Glue Ever  from fabric, and much more, and it rinses off easily with just plain water. 

 So I forgot to take a "before" photo of the metal base, but here it is all dust free, and sparkling clean, after using the Best Cleaner Ever on it! Trust me it's a drastic improvement.

Here are those same sticker residue covered jar lids after cleaning them with the Best Cleaner Ever! Oh my, now at least it looks like you can touch them without washing your hands afterwards! There was some slight yellowing remaining on some of the jar lid's but that was due to age, not grime.

So here's my new, and improved brad storage all cleaned up and waiting on my next crafting project. Till next time Happy Scrapping, Love Penny P.S Send me all your brads, just kidding, not kidding...LOL


Wendy said...

Great idea Penny I love it I use an old spice holder for brads to Hun x

Penny said...

I love this thing Wendy, and I am constantly looking for more of those colored lids! It's no secret I adore brads!

Bev Code said...

fabulous idea.. clear jars for full view of products.. awesome

Robyn Coburn said...

I like the tiered storage rack too. So simple. I pinned it to my "Organization" board.

Penny said...

Thanks Bev, L/Penny

Penny said...

Yeah I love the spice rack for storage of so many little items. L/Penny

ScraPerfect said...

Love this idea. Goodwill here I come....PS My nursery school teacher had me pegged. She wrote some thing like: Amy loves to keep her supplies organized in her locker although she doesn't use them very often. I still love organizing my stuff (and have an office/craft supply addiction) and still feel I don't use them often enough!