Thursday, August 4, 2016

Best Glue Ever for Embellies!

Hi, it's Deborah Mahnken.  I've been with ScraPerfect for quite a few years, but had to take a break when we started home renovations last year as my craft area was surrounded and buried by boxes.  We're finally almost finished with the longest reno ever, I'm in a new craft space, and unpacked! I'm happy to be back in the saddle, so to speak, and sharing a few layouts with you.

I wanted to highlight one of my favorite products -- the Best Glue Ever. It's been my go-to glue for years.  It really shines when you have difficult embellishments to adhere, like the clear acetate accents on this layout.

Most glues will show through the transparent parts  -- but not the Best Glue Ever.  I like to use my finger to spread a thin layer on the back of the entire element before placing it on the layout. Look - you can't even see the glue through them. 

And the Best Glue Ever is fabulous no matter what you're adhering -- on the layout below I used it for wood shapes and felt.

What's your favorite thing to glue?


Penny said...

These layouts are gorgeous. I love how you used the transparencies with the glue, I'll have to remember that! I had tried it with vellum, and it worked great with that as well. Penny

ScraPerfect said...

Nice layout and clever tricks!! I like how you used pieces of the pattern paper and sporadic use of the embellies on both pages to bring them together. Not only is it more subtle when you use the pattern paper this way, it's a great idea when you only have one piece of the paper!