Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Travel Scrapbook Layout of "Rome", with ScraPerfect

Travel Scrapbook Layout of "Rome", with Scraperfect

Good morning friend's Penny here with a "Travel Scrapbook layout of "Rome" that I made for my dear brother, and his wife. They recently had a fabulous vacation in Italy, and brought back a ton of photo's so this is the first of many travel layout's I'll be making for them. My sister-in-law prefer's to showcase her layout's on the wall, and the 8 1/2 x 11 layout's fit perfectly in an "award" type photo frame, so this layout was made that size.

First I took a piece of pattern paper, and fussy cut out the top half that featured the "Italy" section.

That was easy enough so on to gluing it down onto my new background cardstock.

Next I cut a photo mat, and a title strip of both blue, and brown.

Then I started looking for embellishments for the layout. They had saved their plane tickets, and their admission tickets for the Vatican. So in order to keep them safe without gluing them down I put them in "baseball card" sleeves. These are very cheap, look cool, and work perfectly for most mementos like this that you would like to save, but don't want to damage with glue. (Note: The Best Glue Ever IS archivally safe, but in case you are using another glue--be careful with one of a kind embellishments. You can use pockets such as these or color copy "imposters".)

Next I wanted to distress the photo mat, and the title strip. so I pulled out my trusty "Vintage Photo" Tim Holtz distress ink. This has got to be my favorite go to distress ink. 

So this is how I store most of my ink pads, unless they are extremely runny. Upside down with a hair band so that it hold's the lid on, and with a make-up sponge underneath for each color of ink. This system work's great, and you always have a sponge ready without mixing the color's of the ink together, or having to search for a sponge. 

 So then I distressed the large background sheet, the photo mat, and title strip.

Then I glued them together with ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever. This glue will work perfectly for all the surfaces I want to glue down on this layout, but first a little rearranging of my embellishments.

These were the alphabet's I used for the layout.  I have had them for a LONG time, but they still work perfectly. I also used this lace for the bows.  I store all of my ribbon, and lace in this manner with tiny rubber bands. Be careful however if you use colored rubber bands, they can sometimes bleed, and stain your ribbon. So I try to buy the tiny clear rubber bands from the little girl's hair department.

When gluing down my plastic holder's I applied ScraPerfect's Best Ever Glue to the back of the holder's, then waited til the glue was slightly dry before gluing my holder in place. In this photo the glue is still clearly wet. It become transparent when dry. 

So here is my finished layout.  I am going to let my sister-in-law choose which photo's to put on it.  I hope you have enjoyed learning how to make this layout today.

Till next time "Happy Scrapping" Love Penny

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Great Job! I like the way you use make up sponges when inking, I use make up wedge to apply inks and things when crafting.