Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Memories Scrapbook layout with ScraPerfect

"Memories"- Scrapbook layout with ScraPerfect

It's Tuesday so it's time for another scrapbook layout by me, Penny! The layouts I am currently making are for a gift album for someone who doesn't scrapbook. So they will be inserting their own photos. I am trying to make generic pages that would be easy for the new owner to match up their photos with, and this one is the first page in that album. 

These are some of the supplies I will be starting with. The cardstock looks black in this photo, but it is actually brown.  The sticker sheet is from a "Birthday Boy" sticker sheet I picked up at Dollar Tree.  The cream and brown photo mat is actually an invitation cardstock item. There are also some photo holders, and a couple of brads. This is by no mean's everything I will use but this is a starting point. The "Memories" title is pre-printed on the paper.

I will also be using ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever to glue down all of my products. It is very versatile, and glues quickly. The bond is fantastic, and I don't have to worry about it wrinkling my ribbon, or bows. It's a great product, and solves many of my previous gluing problems. 

For this layout I am going to show you one of my favorite frugal tips! In the above photo it appears that the photo mat behind the cream, and brown card is a whole sheet of cardstock. 

However you will notice that in this photo I not only used a piece of the tear away portion of the cardstock sheet, but I also cut the center out to use as the second piece of matching cardstock that will be used elsewhere on the page. I don't always do this, but I find that it helps out not only my budget, but it also cuts down on the bulkiness of my finished albums. So for me it's a "win, win".

In this photo you will see I use an exacto knife to pierce the paper prior to inserting a brad.  I found this makes inserting the brad so much easier, and it keeps me from tearing my paper as well.

Now I am on to adding the stickers, and photo turns. Even though these sticker's are for a "Birthday" theme, they fit easily into the subject of this page. So don't pass by sticker's just because they are for a theme you are not currently working on.  I purchased these at "Dollar Tree".

Next I added the ribbon bow which I made from a sewing seam binding. Seam binding is much cheaper than ribbon, and work's just as beautifully. The flowers were made using punches, glitter glue, and brads. I usually make a bunch at a time so they are ready for my layout"s, or other projects. I also added a little bling to each side of the bow, and to the "I" in the title. 

So here is the finished layout, I hope I have taught you something today, or at least you had fun.  PS: the smaller word stickers are from "7 Gypsies" Life sticker sheet. So till next time "Happy Scrapping". Love, Penny

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