Saturday, July 9, 2016


Hello All

 It's Glen here with a new project using the great products sold by ScraPerfect. It's been a rotten summer so far unfortunately. I contracted poison ivy two months ago and have had a relapse this week, the heat is so oppressive it sucks the life out of you. But I still found a great use for the Best Glue Ever and it saved me money.

 I'm sure your puzzled by this but all will be revealed. I take an empty paper towel roll and using the BGE I glue the pieces of sticky roller paper to the cardboard, sticky side out until the entire roll is covered.

 So now the roll is covered and it's time to add a top and bottom to the piece, I use plastic cups leftover from nacho's cheese sauce to place a top and bottom using the Best Glue Ever again. Now you may have an idea about it's use.

 You put a cup hook in the top and some honey in the bottom and PRESTO! Hang it outside by the recyclables bins and flies will soon be stuck in place instead of flying in thru the kitchen door. I hope you have enjoyed this post and be sure to check out the great projects on this blog and the fantastic products on the ScraPerfect website.
 Happy Crafting
PS...If you buy this at Lowe's it costs about eight bucks!


Penny said...

Cool idea!


Thanks for the tip

ScraPerfect said...

This is SOOO cool. You are amazing and clever!