Saturday, July 2, 2016

4th Of July Scrapbook Layout, with Scraperfect Foil

4th of July Scrapbook Layout, with Scraperfect Foil

Penny here, and since July 4th is just around the bend I thought I'd share my "4th of July" scrapbook layout, along with my first attempt to use Scraperfect Foil  If you haven't seen these yet you need to check them out. The color's are brilliant, and add just the right amount of bling to any project. 

These are just a few of the color's they have. New for July they have a much larger kit selection, with many more color choices that is sure to "Wow" the crafter in you! 
So for my project today I first needed to get out my Cricut cutting machine, and the cartridge I was planning on using.

Independence Day, perfect for my layout's theme. 

These are the title's I cut out, but I am only going to be using the "4th of July" title for this project. The other two will be used at a later date. Gotta love that fine detail cutting that this machine is capable of doing. So after cutting out the title I applied a coat of Best Glue Ever, to the top of the section I wanted to foil first, and waited till it dried completely, but still remained tacky. I then applied the foil over the tacky part of the glue with the colored side of the foil facing "UP". The foil peels off from the back side. This is an important thing to remember when using this foil. 

Since there were many area's on my title that were very fine, I used the "No clog writing tip" on top of my bottle of Best Glue Ever . This made getting the glue on those tiny area's much easier, and it didn't make a mess of my project. 

Since I was using two different colors of foil, I only applied glue to one area / color at a time. Then added glue to the other section that I wanted to be a different color. So you would first apply the glue to the red area, then apply the red foil, You would then repeat those steps for the blue foil. 

With my foiling done, I then started to pick out my other embellishments. The flag, and the border in the middle, are both products made for teacher's to decorate their classroom's with. I am not sure about the border, but I know the flags are acid free. Be sure, and check out this department when you are shopping for supplies.  You can save a lot of cash by shopping these area's, because usually they are priced much lower than scrapbook supplies are of the same nature. . 

I fussy cut the words, letter's, and balloon's from a sheet of 12 x 12 paper, and then added them to the layout, along with my photo mats. 
New placement for the "ticket" accessory, as it is now moved to the left side of the layout, instead of next to the flag at the top of the layout. You'll also notice that the balloon is not glued down all the way.  That is not an accident. I leave certain area's unglued so that later I can place photo's behind that area. 

 I usually don't glue anything down until I like where everything is placed. It is a lot easier to move it before it's glued, than to have to try and peel it up afterwards because you didn't like it's placement. 

I wanted to add this bling star, so I pulled out my Embellie Gellie tool. 

This little tool makes it much easier to place small items exactly where you want them to go without any fuss!

Next I added some star brads. 

I added the brad type star's in each corner of the layout..

The best way I have found to add these type of embellishments is to push them down onto an upside down mouse pad. Place the mouse pad under the area you want the brad type star to go, and push down. It usually goes right through the paper with ease. The points should be facing down, DO NOT PUSH DOWN ON THEM WITH THE POINTS FACING UP.  This photo just shows you how easy they went through the paper, not the position you push on.

Next I take a Popsicle stick and push the brad end's flat against the paper. 

If they are not flat enough when you are done, hammer them lightly with a small hammer. 

Well here's the finished layout.  I hope you learned something new today, I know I did. Till next time Happy Scrapping. Love Penny


Robyn Coburn said...

Looks beautiful. I love how the foil customizes the Cricut cuts.


I love it. I am going to have to get with you on how you worked with the foil, it came out great. I have that Cricut Cart. You did a great job.

Penny said...

Thank you!

Penny said...

Thank you Monique!