Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Do you KNOW what this is? (Hint: Used the Best Cleaner Ever™ on this kitchen item!)

Amy here.
  Guess first what this is and then scroll down to read the answer--and why it's here:)

ANSWER:  This is the "crumb tray" from a toaster oven. I wish I'd have thought to take a "before" photo, but I'll have to describe it: think a metal cookie sheet covered with a yellowish sticky substance that I think might have been oven-baked oils and fats perhaps from chicken tenders, cheese toast, or who knows what. Although I regularly keep the tray clean of crumbs, something got baked in this oven, dripped a yucky residue that became backed on as heat and time passed.

Scrubbing with a green scratchy sponge and dish detergent did nothing. I sprayed the tray with a cleaner and let it soak, but again, nothing. I poured on some Simple Green to soak but it didnt seem to be helping. SO, I thought I'd try THE BEST CLEANER EVER from ScraPerfect. I sprayed a thin coating on the tray and spread it around with my fingers (as it is safe for skin) and let it sit. Amazingly enough, it started to dissolve! I knew I should go away and let it "work" so after dinner, I came back and could scrape the goo off with my finger. I added a bit of dish soap to the sponge and rubbed vigorously until it was sudsy, rinsed it off, and VOILA!!!! Sparkling shiny clean:)

WHAT DO YOU USE the BEST CLEANER EVER from ScraPerfect to clean???


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This is great to know, thank's for posting.

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