Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Removing Car Window Sticker Decal: Sticky situation SOLVED!

Hi All!
Amy here with yesterday’s life challenge: removing a weather resistant sticker from a car window. (Think bumper stickers!)

Before putting my son's car up for sale, we needed to get those stickers gone. While these outdoor stickers shouldn’t come off very easily, I was still surprised when my son called on his cellphone from the driveway asking for help. After working at it for a while, he said he could barely get even a bit of the corner to lift up.  I'm admit that even I was surprised at how nearly permanently stuck on they were!
Equipped with ScraPerfect’s Best Cleaner Ever™, I set to work. With these weather-proof stickers, since the cleaner can't penetrate the vinyl, it is essential that the cleaner get underneath to dissolve the adhesive. this makes it even more challenging than a paper label. The parking permit needs to persist through all kinds of weather; it had the most aggressive adhesive and was definitely the most difficult to remove!

I tried to lift the edges as best I could, and then I applied the cleaner around the perimeters, hoping it would seep under. 

I gave the cleaner some time to work because I have learned that rushing it will only cause me to work harder. (Coincidentally, my son used it this afternoon on sticker residue on the back of a keychain fob. I was reminding him to give it time to work, but he'd already simply wiped it off with a paper towel and was good to go. I mention this because you never know; if it doesn't lift right up after spraying, then walk away for a few minutes to let it work.)

At some point when I could tell that the parking sticker was ready to peel off but I found it was just too slippery to hold! I went to get a pair of tweezers, but found a pair of pliers nearby. They was perfect! I re-spritzed and it came right up!

You’ll notice I am not wearing rubber gloves. That’s because this cleaner is SAFE for skin, has no harmful fumes, and safe for the environment, too!!

When the fairly easy to remove vinyl logo stickers were gone, a remnant shadow of adhesive remained---fairly dry, but aggressively adhered to the glass!

I sprayed a little more cleaner...

...and when the stuff started to dissolve, I used a plastic scraper on the gunk!

When the shadow of dried adhesive had been eliminated, 
I wiped up the “gunky-goo”. with a clean paper towel and was done.

Two lessons: 
1. Limit window and bumper stickers to those that are really necessary.

2. Don’t forget ScraPerfect's 
Best Cleaner Ever™ gets you out of the stickiest situations!

All clean, and it passed Luna's Taskmaster Inspection!