Sunday, April 17, 2016

First Album

Hello All

 It's Glen here with a new post which I started last night but fell asleep at the switch literally and deleted what was there so now here is my newest project an album made with the new Graphic45 City Scapes paper and accessories. I use the Best Glue Ever to adhere the paper to the inside front and back covers. Then after it sets I use the Perfect Crafting Pouch to take care of the sticky edges where the glue might have come out.

 You can see also that I made a pocket to hold a photo or something else. Then on the second page I made a pouch to hold a journal card and some big stamps which can also be used on the back side for small photos or anything else you can dream up. I'm not happy with the holes I punched but I think I can find a way to make those a little nicer looking.

 So now It's on to page two and we'll see what comes next. I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out the great products on the ScraPerfect website. Thanks for taking time to read my post and take care of each other.

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