Thursday, August 27, 2015

Embellie Gellie Strikes Again!

Evenin All
 It's Glen here with another fantastic post about the wonderful products offered by ScraPerfect! This time it's a collaborative effort with my brother Chris and myself. He is working on a Bachelors degree in Game Art and Design online with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and needed my help for an assignment.

 So, you can see from this picture that we have cut out the figures and will place them on the background. But the results will be better than expected. He needed a way to hold things in place so he could scan them, and Embellie Gelli would be just right!

 This had the desired to bring the picture to life. What my brother needed to do was have a way to keep everything in place but not permanently glue it down. This was so he could simulate animation of the figures moving through the game.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

How to BEST Remove Sharpie Marker from Clothes (Ryan and Ex-Girlfriend Funny VIDEO!)

Hi All,  Amy here with a new video that I hope will both amuse and inform you!

I think you'll agree that Ryan has got to be better off without his ex-girlfriend (and with his bottle of Best Cleaner Ever™ from ScraPerfect.)

IF he's got any left, he might bring it out to the garage to remove stuff like dried paint, adhesive residues, or tree pitch from his hands, but there's a lot to use it on inside the house, too.

So do you think Ryan is better off now???