Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Plain To Decorative

Hello Friends

 It's Glen here with a new project using the great products from ScraPerfect! I looked at the plain plastic drawers of my old craft storage carts and decided I could make them look much better. But first I had to empty them and clean them up. I get my kit and pull out the Best Cleaner Ever to wipe them down and dry them before I decide on a piece of designer paper to use.

 I use the Best Glue Ever to adhere the paper in the center first, then when it dries a little it's easier to glue the sides. I think it's incredible how little glue you need to get it down. Then I go on to the upper edge and put a piece along the the top.

WHICH CAP? Crystal Effects by Stampin' Up!

Hi All-
Amy here with a CRAZY story which hopefully will help avoid frustration and confusion for you or someone else.... 

A while back, when we received an inquiry asking which No-Clog Writing Cap™ fits Crystal Effects, I contacted my good friend, Kathleen, who is the sister of a SU demonstrator. Kathleen sent me the following image, and wrote, "It's medium!"

"It's medium!"

All was right in the world until... 

...Carol ordered medium caps after enquiring about Crystal Effects and we suggested the medium caps based on Kathleen's experience.  Carol then sent us the following photo, and a very unhappy email, "The medium caps are too small for the Crystal Effects. I expected you would know your product and what would fit different products."
"The medium caps are too small for the Crystal Effects."

After Carol received the replacement bases, we received a happy email. "I received the 2 large caps and they fit perfectly on the Crystal Effects.  Thank you for your good customer service.  I am very pleased with how this works.  Thanks again."
"The large caps fit perfectly on the Crystal Effects."

Three Take-Aways

1.  Older bottles of Stampin' Up! Crystal Effects with the blue label use the MEDIUM No-Clog Writing Caps™ while the newer bottles with the green label use the LARGE No-Clog Writing Caps™.

2. We don't know the size of every product out there but we try to help. (It's especially tricky when companies change their bottles.) Many common products are listed on the back of the packages with the disclaimer: "Fit or function with branded products is not guaranteed." 

If you have a product that you are using and would like to send us an image, please do and we'll post it!

3. We really try to offer exceptional customer service and get many emails letting us know we've gone above and beyond. It's very, very important to us that you feel supported and appreciated. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Best Cleaner Fix

Evenin All

 It's Glen here with another post showing the many uses for the products sold by ScraPerfect. I saw a video on youtube, a woman was applying modelling paste to a box and then while wet she took shapes and pressed them into the paste. I was inspired to try this but couldn't find any objects to use.

 But at the thrift shop I found some things real cheap that would be just right. But as usual they were all covered in stickers that were put on as if they were intended to never come off! This is where I find the Best Cleaner Ever to be the easiest way to break the bond. I put a squirt on each and rubbed it in with my finger. Then I let it soak for about 10 to 15 minutes and was able to easily pull the labels of and  clean up the pieces at the same time.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Creative Blocks

Hello All

 It's Glen here with a new post featuring the products of ScraPerfect. This past week was not a good one for me, it was a year ago that me and my brother lost our mother to injuries sustained in a car accident. It has also been hazy, hot, and humid most of the last ten days. So my creativity is at an all time low. But I did start to make a new book and on the first page I wanted to use the new large bird die I got weeks ago.