Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to Heat Emboss Transfer Foils with Rubber stamps: Easy and Amazing! (Video)

Hi All-
Amy Here to tell you about a VERY COOL new technique I just discovered using rubber stamps, pigment ink and transfer foil!!!  I've not heard it done before, but boy, it is just as easy as it is cool, and it's another inexpensive work-around from ScraPerfect.  Please feel free to share this technique, but please give credit to ScraPerfect:)

It all started when... I'd heard that people were using laminators to apply transfer foil. In fact, a few craft companies are selling laminators just for this purpose. To use, one sends a laser-printed image covered by a pice of transfer foil into the laminator to produce a foil image.  The science behind this is that the "ink" in a laser printer is really a powdery pigmented plastic attracted to the page by static electricity which gets heated up and then bonds to the paper, producing the image (usually words). Then when run through the hot laminator with transfer foil on top, the foil sticks to the heated, remelted "ink" producing the foil covered image.

So I got to thinking... Laser printing sounds very similar to heat embossing with rubber stamps and pigment ink. Embossing powder is also essentially ground up plastic which sticks to pigment ink and is melted with a heat gun. Could it be so simple to stamp an image with pigment ink, apply embossing powder, heat it, and then when the embossing powder was hot and melty, apply the transfer foil?

The simple answer is watch this video: 

Two important TIPS
1. Don't forget, ScraPerfect sells both Holographic and Solid color Packs of Designer Transfer Foils, and  each pack has eight different colors or patterns.

2. Transfer foil will stick to any stray embossing powder grains; therefore,you don't want these sticking to your paper. We recommend wiping the paper with the Perfect Crafting Pouch before stamping to eliminate static cling which prevents stray embossing powder grains from sticking to the paper.

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Leigh Pogue said...

Very neat idea!!! TFS. I'll definitely tell that you came up with this technique. I believe in giving credit to clever ideas. Again, thanks!