Saturday, June 6, 2015

Simple Fix

Hello All

 It's Glen here with another household use for the great products from ScraPerfect. I had to replace the battery in my cheap but effective doorbell. It was put up years ago by my Dad with foam adhesive like we use on projects sometimes.

 The problem was that the foam tape had to be scraped off with a knife and left a rough thick residue that would make foam tape or anything else not stick well and there is now way to clamp it to the outside wall. So it had to be cleaned, and for that I pulled out the Best Cleaner Ever and put it to soak in for a while. Then using a toothpick and paper towel I clean it off and it came up spotless.

 There you have it instead of using turpentine or lighter fluid like my Dad would have done in times past; which stinks and you can't wash it off your fingers. I used the BCE and had an easy nice smelling time of it. I hoped you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out the other projects on this blog and the great products from ScraPerfect!


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